exactly how I Met her Mother: 5 reasons Zoey to be Ted's finest Love interest (& 5 She was His Worst) Zoey made her way into Ted"s heart in season 6 of exactly how I Met your Mother. Many fans hated her, yet was she his finest love attention after all?

Zoey and also Ted's partnership in exactly how I Met your Mother.
Ted dated several different women before he met the titular character of How ns Met your Mother. Most that his love understanding weren"t appropriate for the in the long run, and also there were good reasons why the relationships ended. Ted had a most flings end the years, but Zoey was among the few characters that stuck around.

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Zoey and Ted tested each other intellectually, and there was never ever a dull minute when they to be together. They aren"t the most popular pair in the series, but there space positive facets of their partnership that to be overlooked. However, arguments can additionally be do that Ted and also Zoey were doomed native the start.

Ted and also Zoey laughing in how I Met your Mother.
The best romances are often rooted in friendship, yet Ted was so identified to discover "the one" that it wasn"t something he regularly experienced. He jumped directly to the suggest whenever that met who he to be interested in, which prevented him from really getting to know them.

Since Zoey wasn"t initially a viable option because that Ted, there was no push on the relationship. They to be able come be your true selves without the are afraid of rejection. They already knew plenty of of each other"s strengths and weaknesses prior to they dropped in love.

Zoey and also Ted fighting in exactly how I Met her Mother.
debates are a part of life, and also even human being who love each various other are bound come fight ~ above occasion. Not just did they hit much an ext often 보다 a stable couple would, but the method they spoke to each other was additionally hostile.

They didn"t work out their problems in a healthy way, and also from what viewers saw, they spent more time arguing than they did enjoying their time together. Their behavior made it difficult to believe that they might ever it is in happy in a long-term relationship.

Zoey in Ted's classroom in exactly how I Met her Mother.
"Enemies to lovers" is a popular trope among fans. There"s something inexplicable about watching two civilization who can"t stand each other, autumn in love end a gradual duration of time. When Ted and Zoey aren"t classified together a slow-burn relationship, lock don"t get together appropriate off the bat.

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They become friends in the center of the opponents to lover phase, even though they"re fighting for two different causes. Ted had actually never date someone that he genuinely disliked for so long, and it allowed him and also Zoey to become accepting of each other"s flaws beforehand.

7 Worst: Zoey Betrayed Him

Zoey smiling at Ted in just how I Met your Mother.
In Zoey"s defense, Ted walk go earlier on his word, however there"s no arguing that what Zoey go was lot worse. She wasn"t just attacking the project by play her recording of Ted, but she was placing his whole career ~ above the line. Most bosses don"t take also kindly come being referred to as "winners and gonads," however Zoey didn"t show up to care.

It was poor enough that she manipulated him right into saying what she needed to hear, yet she didn"t delete the recording after everything they"d been with as a couple. Zoey"s treason was evidence that she would constantly put her pride over him.

as Robin stated in the show, "If you have chemistry you only need one various other thing. Timing." Ted and also Zoey had sparks flying between them, while one of the biggest arguments versus Ted"s relationship with Robin is that there to be no chemistry over there at all.

There"s a many lip-locking in a show that focuses so heavily on detect love, and Ted and also Zoey"s very first kiss controlled to be one of the best. Out of all the arguments that deserve to be made against them, a lack of passion wasn"t the problem.

5 Worst: your Friendship began With A Lie

first impressions are important and also Ted didn"t make a great one on Zoey. That lied come her about being a vet, and also even signed her petition to conserve the Arcadian. Zoey had actually no idea that he to be the head architect the the project and also she was ideal to be angry as soon as she found out.

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Trust plays together a big role in relationships that starting one v a lied isn"t a good sign. Zoey did finish up becoming the an ext untrustworthy the the two, however Ted was the one who laid the groundwork.

Zoey and also Ted weren"t rushed, i beg your pardon can"t be stated for the rest of Ted"s relationships. They acquired to know each other bit by bit, and also their friendship evolved into something more over time. A romance like theirs is a rarity in How i Met your Mother, which is what renders it therefore refreshing.

There were many of obstacles because that them to get rid of in the early on stages of your friendship and also it every felt an extremely real. Lock were constructed from the bottom up, fairly than beginning at the top just to come crashing down.  

3 Worst: castle Couldn"t assistance Each Other

Couples don"t constantly have to agree, but they do have to support each other. They require to have actually their partner"s ideal interest at love and have every other"s back. After ~ seeing exactly how much the Arcadian meant to Zoey, Ted made decision to was standing by her.

Before he provided his testimony, Ted realized the Zoey would never do the very same for him. Zoey was always going to prioritize she causes, and also take advantage of Ted"s kindness. She never also commented on just how impressive his style was. Ted needed someone that would put him first, and that wasn"t Zoey.

Ted"s friends room his family, and also it"s important that can at least tolerate someone he might see a future with. If the gang is i do not agree of Ted"s relationship, it"s normally for a great reason. At the end of the day, they just want him to be happy.

Earning the gang"s approval was never a trouble with Zoey, and also she befriended Lily while Ted to be still she nemesis. Castle hung out without Ted as soon as he and also Zoey weren"t on good terms, and also while this was a questionable point for his friends to do, Ted didn"t have to worry about them all obtaining along.

1 Worst: Zoey Was already Married

There was a reason why Zoey and Ted were simply friends for so long. Zoey to be married to The Captain, a rich, older male who appeared to genuinely reap Ted"s company. Zoey plainly wasn"t happy v her husband, yet it didn"t readjust the truth that she was already married when she met Ted.

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Ted and Zoey never did anything until after she and also The Captain separated. However, it was noticeable the two had feelings because that each other, and if The Captain had actually known, he more than likely wouldn"t be happy with how much time they were spending together.

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