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Pete Burns, Dead or alive Singer, Dead at 57

Eccentric, androgynous singer sang Eighties hits “You rotate Me round (Like a Record),” “Brand new Lover”

Pete Burns, command singer the the Eighties goth brand-new wave band Dead or Alive and their quit “You spin Me round (Like a Record),” passed away Sunday after suffering cardiac arrest, his management said Monday. Burns was 57.

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“It is with the best sadness the we need to break the tragic news that out beloved Pete Burns the (Dead Or Alive), died suddenly yesterday of a massive cardiac arrest,” Burns’ on facebook alerted fans.

“All that his family and friends are ravaged by the loss of our unique star,” the message read. “He to be a true visionary, a beautiful talented soul, and also he will be let go by all who loved and appreciated whatever he was and all of the exorbitant memories the has actually left is with.”

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Boy George, that weathered comparisons both musically and also stylistically to Burns, tweeted that the Dead or alive singer, “Tearful around the pass of
PeteBurnsICON that was one of our good true eccentrics and such a large part of my life! Wow. Tough to believe!”

The androgynous Burns, who began cross-dressing together a six-year-old, emerged in the so late Seventies together a member that the goth tape Nightmares in Wax, i beg your pardon released your lone EP birth of a Nation, emphasize by the single “Black Leather,” in 1979 before adopting the surname Dead or Alive.

After a cable of singles, consisting of “The Stranger,” Dead or lively released your debut album advanced Boom boom in 1984, through the tape transforming KC and also the Sunshine Band’s “That’s the means (I prefer It)” into an i can not qualify hit.

“The problem is that world are every too ready to run to conclusions around anybody who they think look at a bit strange. Castle think you must be mentally subnormal,” Burns once said that his distinctive appearance in an interview. “Over the year I’ve had actually to learn how to deal with people that refuse to take me seriously. That’s wherein I learnt the dull side of mine character.”

The following year, Youthquake arrived accompanied by the group’s greatest hit “You rotate Me round (Like a Record).” The single reached Number One ~ above the U.K charts and peaked at Number 11 ~ above the Billboard warm 100. In 2006, the song went back to the british charts – at Number five – complying with Burns’ well known appearance on Celebrity large Brother.

Three years later, Flo Rida and Kesha’s take it on the song, called “Right Round,” topped the Billboard 200 and shattered then-digital sales records.

The singer likewise recorded notable Dead or lively hits with “Brand new Lover” and “Something in the House.”

Following the Eighties, however, Burns became more known because that his reality TV appearances and also ever-changing look – Burns underwent many cosmetic surgeries end the past decades, with hefty physical aftermath – than his music.

“People redecorate their dwellings every couple of years and I check out this together no different. Transforming my confront is choose buying a new sofa,” Burns said the daily Mail after an additional string of surgeries left him practically unrecognizable.

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As Dead or Alive’s only consistent member, Burns continued to tourism under the group’s moniker till his death.