l> native whose second letter is J

native whose 2nd letter is J

Ajar (adv.) slightly turned or opened; as, the door to be standing ajar.Ajar (adv.) In a state that discord; out of harmony; as, that is ajar through the world.Ajog (adv.) ~ above the jog.Ajutage (n.) A tube with which water is discharged; an efflux tube; as, the ajutage the a fountain.Djereed (n.) Alt. Of DjerridDjerrid (n.) A dull javelin supplied in military games in Moslem countries.Djerrid (n.) A game played through it.Jjinn (pl. ) the DjinneeDjinns (pl. ) of DjinneeDjinnee (n.) view Jinnee, Jinn.Ejaculated (imp. & p. P.) that EjaculateEjaculating (p. Pr. & vb. N.) that EjaculateEjaculate (v. T.) come throw the end suddenly and also swiftly, together if a dart; come dart; to eject.Ejaculate (v. T.) To litter out, together an exclamation; come utter by a brief and sudden impulse; as, come ejaculate a prayer.Ejaculate (v. I.) come utter ejaculations; to make short and hasty exclamations.Ejaculation (n.) The action of throw or darting out v a suddenly force and also rapid flight.Ejaculation (n.) The uttering the a short, suddenly exclamation or prayer, or the exclamation or prayer uttered.Ejaculation (n.) The plot of ejecting or all of sudden throwing, together a fluid from a duct.Ejaculator (n.) A muscle which helps ejaculation.Ejaculatory (a.) spreading or throwing out; fitted to eject; as, ejaculatory vessels.Ejaculatory (a.) unexpectedly darted out; uttered in short sentences; as, an ejaculatory prayer or petition.Ejaculatory (a.) Sudden; hasty.Ejected (imp. & p. P.) that EjectEjecting (p. Pr. & vb. N.) of EjectEject (v. T.) come expel; to dismiss; to cast forth; come thrust or drive out; to discharge; as, come eject a human being from a room; come eject a traitor from the country; to eject words from the language.Eject (v. T.) To actors out; come evict; come dispossess; as, to eject tenants indigenous an estate.Ejection (n.) The plot of ejecting or spreading out; discharge; expulsion; evacuation.Ejection (n.) The action or procedure of discharging anything native the body, specifically the excretions.Ejection (n.) The state of being ejected or cast out; dispossession; banishment.Ejectment (n.) A spreading out; a dispossession; one expulsion; ejection; as, the ejectment the tenants from their homes.Ejectment (n.) A species of mixed action, i beg your pardon lies because that the recovery of possession of genuine property, and damages and also costs because that the wrongful withholding of it.Ejector (n.) One who, or the which, ejects or dispossesses.Ejector (n.) A jet jump because that lifting water or withdrawing waiting from a space.Ejoo (n.) Gomuti fiber. Watch Gomuti.Ejulation (n.) A wailing; lamentation.Fjord (n.) watch Fiord.Kjoekken moeddings () see Kitchen middens.Ojibways (n. Pl.) very same as Chippeways.Ojo (n.) A spring, surrounding by rushes or rank grass; one oasis.

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