There room 3 main reasons why people generally have the whole better than friend attitude. Read on to uncover out what these reasons are.When a human thinks lock are far better than you, castle will display screen the 15 signs questioned in this article. Check out on to find out what these indicators are.The best technique to someone that thinks castle are far better than friend is to cut them under to size and also show them the you see what they room doing and also will no stand because that it. Read on for specific ways exactly how you perform this.

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This topic of this article is one that has actually caused considerable pain for plenty of people. The 2018 study portrayed in the above charts and also seen top top Pew Research verified that there is farming mistrust for each other among Americans. And one of the key reasons because that this as shown in the 2nd chart is attributable to societal troubles such together selfishness and also having a polarizing behavior. And these two factors are usually much more in people who think they are perfect and far better than others.

This write-up will aid you unpack this burning societal issue and give you valuable ways to attend to it when you find yourself handling someone that thinks lock are much better than you.

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Why carry out Some world Think they Are much better Than Others? 3 factors Why Some people Think castle Are much better Than Others.

Table of Contents

Why carry out Some world Think castle Are much better Than Others? 3 factors Why Some civilization Think castle Are better Than Others.15 indicators Of A Condescending Person and also Someone that Thinks lock Are much better Than You.How To control And resolve Someone that Thinks lock Are much better Than You.

People who typically think they are better than others think that method for three key reasons:

1. They have underlying self-esteem issues.

Having a great and hopeful sense that self-esteem requires you to see yourself in a positive light. Yet there is a vast difference between seeing you yourself in a positive light quite independent of other people, and also looking down on various other people. One walk not need to look under on others to feel an excellent about us or have actually a an excellent and hopeful sense that self-esteem due to the fact that positive self-esteem does not must put others under to obtain its sense of self-worth and also completeness.

A person who is confident in who they room is additionally confident in the fact that lock are an excellent in your way, and so is anyone else. Everyone else has actually their type of greatness, and together we all pertained to make life and also humanity enjoyable. They never ever think castle are far better than others. This is just how a human being with high self-esteem thinks. And because lock think this way, they will not hesitate to traction others increase and assist them be your best.

A human who at the same time needs to do others feel little or feel much less than us in a bid to feel an excellent has low self-esteem. Their must put others down to feel huge and powerful method that without that sort of strength play castle feel small and insignificant. And someone that feels little and insignificant has low self-esteem.

And so, the next time you watch someone that thinks they are better than you display any kind of of the condescending indicators that will certainly be noted in the next section, simply remember the it is a enjoy of their low self-esteem. Without that tiny display, they will certainly otherwise feeling small, insignificant, and powerless.

2. They have underlying insecurities.

This is also closely associated to having underlying self-esteem issues. Someone who thinks lock are far better than you feeling that way because castle feel very insecure in themselves. Deep down, castle have very deep insecurities that they are afraid anyone else will watch if they nothing act like they are better. Maybe this insecurity is that they space not as smart or awesome together the one they want to laud your superiority over. Feeling exceptional to others offers them a type of validation and also makes castle feel choose they have some type of power.

3. They might feel threatened by you.

And this may be the chief reason why they are acting in that method towards you. Probably you have something they wish they had yet can’t seem to have. And also the only means they deserve to console themselves and make us feel an excellent about not having it is by putting you down and also acting as though they are better than you.

How you identify if this is the factor why they plot condescendingly come you, is to salary close attention to the issue(s) they always talk about. If you an alert that they make it a allude to always talk under on friend on a particular issue or issues, that issue is what threatens them. They watch a optimistic of that in you and also wish they had it. And also the only way to make sure you don’t reap it is by talking down on friend on the issue.

15 signs Of A Condescending Person and also Someone who Thinks they Are better Than You.

How then do you recognize a human being who thinks they are better than you? You most likely have currently seen several of these indications in action. As soon as someone think they are far better than you, girlfriend will watch them display some or every one of these signs.

1. A sense of entitlement.

For the one who displays this sign, if you look deeper into their previous you will find that this is memory of how they were brought up or grew up. Lock would have actually been spoilt in their previously years. They constantly got what they wanted from your parents simply by demanding it. As a result, they grow up thinking every little thing else in life functions that way, other than it doesn’t. Really soon they have the crude awakening that society doesn’t specifically work that way and the you can’t constantly have every little thing you want from people.

In response, they begin to look down on those who can’t pander to your demands and also begin to treat them together though they were beneath them. Behaving in this means gives them a false sense of gift in control due to the fact that they hope the by behaving in the fashion in the direction of you, girlfriend will always give in and also give them what castle want. And for so lengthy as this strategy proceeds to work for them, lock will proceed to use it.

2. They plot perfect and holier than thou.

When someone thinks they are far better than you they prefer to think they are perfect and beyond reproach. This comes out in the way they speak to you specifically when they think you have actually done something in a means they would certainly not have done it.

This attitude additionally shows in the way they talk about themselves and how they take care of issues. They may not come out to it is in effusive with praise around themselves however it will be comprise in just how they talk about the fact that had actually they no intervened in so and also so way, things would never have been excellent well. In so speaking, they give themselves every the credit and ignore any other efforts that may have been brought to bear on the issue in question.

3. They never ever apologize but find a method to define their fault away or placed it on you.

This goes together with your perception of themselves as perfect and above reproach. And because they space perfect, even when they carry out something wrong, it can never be wrong because they are never wrong. And if for any kind of reason it turns out to it is in wrong, it has to be her fault since after all, you room the imperfect one who deserve to never seem to obtain anything right. Sounds familiar, no it. Once you watch someone behaving choose this, not just is this a sign that castle think they are better, it additionally shows just how toxic and also narcissistic castle are.

And if you don’t know exactly how to handle them as soon as they refuse to apologize, our write-up on What to do as soon as someone won’t apologize provides valuable guidance. Be sure to examine it out.

4. Castle talk down to you.

When girlfriend are having a conversation v someone who thinks they’re much better than you, you will certainly pick up condescending human body language particularly in your tone and the way they talk to you. The conversation never feels prefer two peers or friends talking. It will always feel like you are being addressed together an worse person.

They will never talk to you as an equal even if you might be the very same age. Because that them, their air of superiority offers them the ideal to embrace that stance even when lock talk. The conversation will constantly feel favor an admonition or a sermon or lecture due to the fact that they feel it is their place and duty to tell you precisely how imperfect and beneath them you are. And if the is no the conversation you want to have actually then they have actually no attention in talking about anything else.

5. Lock will constantly find a way to belittle your accomplishments even if subtly.

This one is an additional classic tactic of human being who think they’re better than you. Every other person’s accomplishment way nothing. Only their accomplishment counts. You view this in the small snide comments they make once you have something to celebrate. For instance, if girlfriend bought your an initial car, they may say something prefer “oh i wouldn’t also take that auto even if it was a gift. However I am happy because that you.” by watering under your achievement they want to sow seed of doubt in your mind and also make you feel as tiny and insignificant as they feeling for not accomplishing what girlfriend did.

6. They speak over you.

Not only would castle talk under on you, yet when you ultimately get the chance to speak, they will certainly make certain that never ever happens since they will certainly barge in and stop you mid-way or simply raise your voice so the it towers over yours. Never ever mind the this is rude and disrespectful, however they can not be bothered. Their reasoning is the they space the just one who has something that importance and value come say, and whatever you room saying in ~ that moment is insignificant and also unimportant.

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7. Lock hardly listen as soon as you room talking due to the fact that they nothing think you have actually anything of worth to say. Only their views space the best.

In enhancement to talking under to girlfriend or talking over you, if they eventually keep quiet, you might be fooled right into thinking they space listening come what you are saying. However as shortly as they open their mouth in an answer you automatically realize that they were no listening come you at all and were simply distracted v the “important” prize they had actually to give.

And exactly how you recognize this is that periodically their solution is either so completely off the point being debated or repetition of practically everything you said. With the latter, they also feel the must repeat you as a method of saying the it sounds far better coming indigenous them since they are much better than friend in articulating the point.

8. They always want to obstacle their accomplishments in your challenge even as soon as unnecessary.

People that think they space perfect room always about “me, me, and me”. Every possibility they obtain they want to tell you just how amazing they room in accomplishing so and so. And they execute this, also when it is unnecessary. So say for instance you are all in a group and also the group won a prize. Quite than storage the achievement of the group and leave it in ~ that, they will go the end of their method to announce just how by the method they winner this and that prize critical year or some years ago.

They can not stand the the fist isn’t ~ above them and so to bring it earlier to them, they attempt to redirect the focus to them by talking about an achievement that may not even be relevant, let alone necessary.

9. Every conversation always ends up being around them.

You may be talking around sushi in the restaurant and the conversation has to change to just how much they have spent on miscellaneous that sushi reminds castle of. You may be informing them about a challenge you had and also suddenly they remember that they tackled a comparable situation for this reason well and turn the conversation into a story around them. Along the line, you room silenced and your problem is forgotten and replaced with how awesome castle are. If you pay attention very closely to all her conversations through them, it constantly ends through them together the topic of discussion.

10. They overcompensate through bragging a lot and speaking about their good deeds at every turn.

Talking about their good deeds is a method of cementing their perception of being so perfect and great. By showing you what they room doing, they are indirectly speak to you that you could never measure approximately them or be as perfect or good as they are.

Someone that is genuinely altruistic and also generous come others will not go around trumpeting it for the whole civilization to hear due to the fact that they know that they nothing need any type of validation from anyone to feel an excellent about the generosity activities they embark upon in help others.

Read our article on the features of a generosity person to learn an ext about the attributes of genuinely generous people.

11. They have the right to be domineering and also bullying.

People who room condescending and also arrogant always expect to have actually their way. The expectation arises from their emotion of superiority end you. Since they are far better than you, you cannot say no to them due to the fact that according to them you space a nobody and also have no best to to speak no. And also so castle will try everything possible to obtain you to submit to their wishes at all costs. They can try to muscle girlfriend by springing things on you at the really last minute and also expecting girlfriend to work wonders and give them what lock want.

12. They never ever seek anyone’s see or opinions because as far as lock are came to they space the best thing due to the fact that sliced bread.

Someone that is emotionally mature and has a high feeling of self-esteem will know that seeking various other people’s see does no somehow median that the calls their smartness into question. And also yet this is just how the person who think they are better perceives having to ask because that anyone’s opinion before acting. Come them doing together is a sign of weakness and calls right into question your proclaimed smartness and also perfection.

13. They never give any genuine or heartfelt compliment because as far as lock are concerned nothing anyone go is as good as castle are.

They see giving a genuine compliment as a authorize of weakness and as well as a authorize of your acknowledging that you could be far better than them in ~ what you’ve accomplished. And this rubs them the wrong means because as far as they are came to they space the only ones who room perfect and also can attain extraordinary things. And also even if they pressure themselves come compliment you, they will immediately water that down v a an unfavorable comment of how they can have excellent it for this reason much better if it to be them.

14. They are always quick to give you unsolicited “advice” on how to readjust yourself since they desire to do you feel small compared to them.

And they always use their lives and themselves together a reference allude to drive the superiority feeling further home and also make you feel small. And the funny thing around this one is the it is almost always the case that friend didn’t also ask them for your “advice” yet somehow they feeling the need to give it because they think and also believe the they are better than you.

15. They typically don’t respect rules and also social etiquettes.

People that think of themselves together superior also decide the they cannot be bound by rules and also social etiquettes. That if anything, these should bow come them. You watch this in how they are constantly late for any type of meeting, event, or gathering. They have a false feeling of importance and expect that things must start at their times or on your terms. And all this operation from their feeling that they are far better than you and also everyone else.

How To control And resolve Someone that Thinks castle Are much better Than You.

How you attend to someone that thinks castle are much better than girlfriend will depend on the kind of partnership you have with them. If they are close to you, such together a friend, or they space members of your family, it i will not ~ be the same approach as as soon as you are taking care of either an acquaintance or a full stranger.

The bottom line yet in whatever method is embraced is that you have to put lock in your place and cut them down to their actual size. And also some helpful ways you can do this because that each of the three categories of individuals mentioned previously are as follows.

If The human Is her Friend, perform This.

1. When they start offering you unsolicited advice, ~ they’ve finished, say thanks to them for their “helpful advice” but tell them that you don’t need it at that point in time. And that once you need their “advice” you will certainly ask for it.

When you make it clean in that way that their unsolicited advice no welcome, they will think twice around giving it next time. They might act hurt at your words yet do not provide them the satisfaction of paying attention to it. Neglect it and immediately move on to other things.

If they call you the they were only trying to help, thank them for your “help” yet again emphasize the you don’t require it at that point, and that must you need it later, you will certainly be sure to ask because that it.

2. If they put down your accomplishment, contact them the end on it and also tell them the it does feel favor they space either not happy because that you or think castle are far better than you.

One thing a human being who thinks they are much better than you no is as soon as you accuse them that being better than you. This is because when you speak this, you carry their imperfection squarely to your face. They will profusely refuse this and take offense yet chances room they will never repeat together comments again to your challenge or your hearing.

3. And also ultimately, the solution once you an alert any the the 15 indicators on the component of your friend is come sit them down and also have a heart-to-heart conversation with them.

Tell them that you execute not evaluate or choose the points you’ve noticed them do and that friend would choose for castle to adjust because you cannot proceed with the friendship choose that. If lock continue and do no change, climate you will have to do what is ideal for you, love and care because that yourself, and also give increase the friendship because it will certainly only acquire worse and impact you negatively. A good friend will never act choose they are better than you and any friend that acts that way isn’t one the you need to keep as a friend.

If They room A family Member Who may Be Older than You, do This.

1. Neglect the comments and do no let it gain to you.

This would not be an easy feat come accomplish. You may feel prefer defending yourself but it is never worth it since you will only keep the person talking. And also the much more they talk, the much more they do you feel small. The ideal thing is to offer them a taste of your own medicine by shutting down and also not listening to whatever it is they are saying. Once they space done, politely take her leave.

Don’t answer or rebut. As soon as you respond in this method you disarm and leave lock confused since they to be hoping because that a reaction or an answer from you. Her non-response additionally infuriates them because it pipeline them v no ammunition to strike you later. ~ all, one cannot assault you based on what you haven’t said.

2. As lot as possible keep your contact with them come the barest minimum unless it can not be helped.

Unless that is totally unavoidable, it will certainly be best to save your call with them to the barest minimum because you can not exactly cut them off because they are family. As much as feasible put limits in place around them comes to her home. You have every appropriate to tell who they can not come or stay at your residence if it’s not convenient for you.

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If They space A complete Stranger Or Acquaintance, do This.

Walk away when they behave in any kind of of the 15 ways provided in the previously section.

Don’t provide anyone room to laud their regarded superiority end you. Politely phone call them the it looks choose they feel as well important and so you would be acquisition your leave.

People who prefer to think castle are better than rather don’t favor being placed in their ar so brazenly and also openly. They will despise you for it, yet it really isn’t your problem. You fan them nothing.

Frequently inquiry Questions.

What is words for someone who thinks lock are far better than others?

There are several words provided to explain such people. Few of these words are “egotistical” and also “having a superiority complex”.

What are some indications you think you’re far better than others?

If you uncover that any of the 15 signs explained in this article explains the way you connect with people, then sadly it method that friend think friend are much better than others.

When all Is Said and Done!

Always remember that the finish game the someone that thinks lock are much better than you is to make you feel small and insignificant. What you must never perform is allow anyone come eat away at your self-esteem, self-worth, and also self-confidence. Always affirm yourself and also build your confidence so that no one deserve to convince friend otherwise about it.

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And to make sure that it remains that way, the finest solution to human being who think castle are much better than friend is to either cut them off fully or keep them at arm’s length and also keep her interactions with them come the barest minimum. In the way, they cannot infect you through their poison.