i can"t think that this word. It"s once somebody is doing something but they don"t establish they are doing it.

For example: expect you"re a girl and also you room falling in love with a guy. When he laughs, you think hes so cute and also you love it, but he doesn"t realize the you love it. Or probably the method he kisses your forehead, and he doesn"t realize you walk crazy end that.

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I"m not searching for oblivious.




Anyways, the description you administer in her sentences doesn"t really define the title of her question.But let"s check out if this helps, I provide you through some optional words:

Hypnotized Instinctively. Subconsciously. Mindlessly.

Those describe when you"re doing something without knowing you are.As for the man in her explanation, I would say that does the "innocently", he"s doing points without knowing just how these things make the girl crazily happy.

If you"re talking about the girl that likes him like crazy there is no him knowing, it would be like secret love, or one-sided love.

If I gained your question wrong, permit me know, come make certain you gain what you desire to know.


Clueless, unknowing and unwitting, and also their linked -ly adverbs deserve to describe human being acting/actions excellent without a understanding of your affective impression on other people.


I think innocence is the key. The guy is actually not conscious of the results of his actions.

May it is in UNAWARE is one an easy word you have to use.

Impulsive. Examine some synonyms to this word. Impulsive involves my mind from what girlfriend describe.

I think impulsive have the right to be used, because somebody is doing something without properly realizing and its after-effects, it can be suggestive that an impulse of law something.

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I think the example given doesn"t justification the concern properly. Because that that instance this word IMPULSIVE must not be used.

For the question asked in i one, it"s well by me.

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Is over there a word for this emotion? Resentment end someone's an excellent fortune there is no wanting that - Not fairly jealousy/envy
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