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Hello everyone,Can any type of tell me the manufacturing date and approximate worth for Winchester 1894 30 WCF #864387 ?or any kind of other info wwill be appreciated.Thanks in advance.Jay


Guess i looked at the not correct serial number list
That is a an extremely common occurrence. The vast variety of published DOM list for all Winchester models were duplicated from the flawed functions of George Madis. He first published his erroneous information in 1960, and it has actually been replicated by practically every various other author and website that exists.Several year ago, I began researching the historical records hosted by the Cody guns Musuem, and also I uncovered that Madis to be horribly inaccurate for nearly all top top the Winchester models. David Kennedy (the CFM curator at the time) wrote an post that showed up in the CFM news letter about the recently uncovered Winchester sprucing up Room Serialization Records, and how lock differred significantly native what Madis had published. Together a component time volunteer at the CFM, I have actually researched those documents in an excellent detail, and just this previous January, I aided a lengthy time friend of mine in publishing a new Winchester reference book that discusses and provides the true (accurate) year ending serial numbers for every one of the various models.The publication is title "The RED publication of WINCHESTER values" and also it can be purchased online at BrandX (go come the Books/Videos link).

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As a side note, the CFM now provides what they refer to as the SNA (Serial Number Application) day on manufacturing facility letters and on the research study sheets (for members only). For a letterable Winchester, friend will watch three dates on the letter; (1) the date it was serialized, (2) the day it was got in the warehouse native the assembly room, and also (3) the date it was shipped (sold).For a Winchester that can not be lettered, over there is a decent opportunity that a SNA day can be provided. Because that the design 1894 (94), a factory lettter have the right to be detailed for just serial numbers 1 - 353,999 (through early 1907). The SNA day can be listed for serial numbers as much as 1352066 (December 29th, 1945).This attach will take you to the CFM website - H.