Nyquil is one over-the-country medication the is provided to subdue typical cold symptoms. As many of united state who have actually taken the brand-name or generic variation of Nyquil know, it’s a medication that should be taken in ~ night since it deserve to make friend drowsy.

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This is since Nyquil has substances such as antihistamines (sedative substances) and also hypnotics. Those that take Nyquil come treat your cold space at danger of being accused the taking methamphetamines. This is since those acquisition Nyquil deserve to test confident for methamphetamines in the blood.


Our medicine crime defense lawyers know that Nyquil can reason innocent people who are tested because that drugs to present a false hopeful for methamphetamines. This way that even though they are innocent and also haven’t taken drugs, they might be charged through a drug crime based on blood trial and error – every for taking cold medicine.

Using Nyquil could additionally produce a false hopeful for Ecstasy or MDMA. This can also result in serious troubles for individuals, because that example, who room being investigated in ~ a party or rave event that went the end of hand the police have broken up.


In such cases, the is essential that you call an experienced California drug crime defense lawyer who can help you take treatment of the situation and also get that under control prior to you face penalties for possession or use of medicine or driving while under the influence of drugs.

If you space asked by investigating police public official to take it a blood test, the is finest to do so. However, before you perform so, ask for permission to contact your criminal defense lawyer.

This will offer your lawyer to take it the necessary action to aid you prevent the potential after-effects should you get a false confident of using meth or Ecstasy simply because you take it Nyquil to subdue cold or flu symptoms.


In enhancement to Nyquil, there room a number of everyday drugs that could lead to false positives, that which many of us might not be aware. Because that example, ib frames is the energetic ingredient in Advil, which might lead come false positives for marijuana.

If you take more than the recommended dosage, right here is a greater likelihood the a false positive. Benadryl, i m sorry is typically taken because that allergic reactions, might lead come a false positive for Benzodiazepines or PCP.

Claritin, i beg your pardon is typically taken by millions because that seasonal allergies consists of the active ingredient Loratadine, which might lead to false positives because that drugs such together methamphetamine or Ecstasy.

Mucinex DM contains active ingredients that could lead to false positives for heroin, opiates, and also morphine. Much like Nyquil, nasal sprays such as Afrin could additionally lead come false-positive because that meth and Ecstasy.

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If friend are facing drug crime charges together a an outcome of acquisition an over-the-counter medicine such as Nyquil, calling an experienced drug crime defense lawyer right far can assist you minimize the consequences. If you have been charged through drug usage or steering under the affect of drugs, friend could confront potentially serious repercussions from jail time come hefty fines. A knowledgeable lawyer can assist conduct the important tests that will obtain the charges versus you dropped.