Taurus guys are loyal, loving, and committed in relationships. But how walk the Taurus guy react after a breakup? If did you do it recently split from her Taurus man you might want to know exactly how he’s feeling.

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2 What causes Taurus males To break Up v You?3 Why would certainly You rest Up v A Taurus Man?4 just how Does A Taurus guy Feel after A Breakup?

Taurus guys In Relationships

Taurus is the 2nd sign of the Zodiac and as such, finds comfort in the familiar. Family and also friends are important to this sign.

Taurus is an planet sign and also this is apparent in Taurus males especially. These guys are solid and also dependable. They won’t mess you around with mind games. If they like you you’ll understand it.

They’ll want to resolve down with you and make a life through you. They space sensitive to your requirements in a sensual and also grounded way. You become their best friend.

Taurus is associated with product things. Taurus gets satisfied from owning things. Castle are likewise connected with the senses the taste, touch, and smell. Physical call is because of this important to them. To Taureans, love means physical affection.

Taurus men have strengths and also weaknesses like any kind of other Zodiac sign. Sure, they can be strong, faithful, and also reliable, however they can likewise be stubborn and also possessive. And, since they prefer routine and also security, dare I speak it, a little bit boring.

They additionally don’t choose being told what to do. These guys are independent and go their own way. They’re perfectly happy v you coming along, so long as girlfriend follow their lead.

So if Taurus guys love the security and are loyal partners, what would cause them to break up the relationship? and also will Taurus man come back after break up?

What reasons Taurus guys To break Up through You?

1. You cheated ~ above him

For the Taurus man, cheating is the one thing he can’t forgive or forget. For a start, it mirrors badly on his love life, and second, this male would die for his friends. So you deserve to bet he prices loyalty very highly.

A cheating partner is the ultimate deal-breaker for him. No excuses, no 2nd chances. Cheat on a Taurus man and also you’re out.

2. You’re also spontaneous for him

These guys like security, the mundane, and also a regimen to rod to. They prefer to plan things in advance. Lock don’t choose surprises and they never ever act on impulse.

Whilst they might have been attracted to your zest for life and adventure at the start of the relationship, they would have expected girlfriend to work out down through now.

3. The can’t regulate you

The Taurus motto is ‘I have’ or ‘I own’. For this reason it’s hardly how amazing to discover that one of Taurus man’s weaknesses is that he likes to be in regulate of his women. There are going come be problems if you space an independent woman through no intention of being regulated by any type of man.

You can have fallen for his sensual charm and strong earthly kindness. Yet now you’ve got together girlfriend realize that in fact, he is a little bit of a male chauvinist when it involves women in the 21st century. Problem is, he is realized too and also broken up with you.

Why would certainly You rest Up v A Taurus Man?

Of course, that takes two to break up. So right here are some reasons why ladies break up through Taurus men.

1. He’s also boring

You might ask you yourself why does Taurus male keep coming back? Well, lock sure carry out love their routines, and for some females (Capricorn or Virgo springs to mind) this suits them under to the ground. Yet for others, it i do not care claustrophobic and restricting.

If girlfriend are much more of the impulsive form Taurus man will drive you mad with his insistence on planning everything.

2. He’s also jealous

Once you nestled under a Taurean soup don’t intend to look the end from under it at other men. Your Taurean man is deliberately shielding friend from the attention glare the wicked guys who only want one thing.

Women through a flirtatious nature need not apply. You’ll get twenty questions when you obtain home. Most women can’t manage this type of behavior.

3. As well obstinate

Taurus is the sign of the bull. The bull frequently digs its heels in and also won’t be moved. For these guys, it’s one of two people their way or the highway. You i will not ~ be maybe to adjust their mind.

Once they’ve made a decision (for the both that you) that decision stands. Also if it’s plainly wrong. Taurus man acts choose a toddler the refuses come move.

How does A Taurus male Feel ~ A Breakup?

Once a connection is end we have no way of knowing just how our ex is faring. However, we have the right to look at their star sign to glean part understanding as to how they could cope or feel.

Once Taureans space committed, they space committed for life. Castle invest everything into your partner. This is serious for them. They have yearned for this protection all your life. If they finished it castle must have had great reason.


However, if your partner finished it they’ll be emotion quite different in these circumstances.

1. If Taurus man finished it

Even if the Taurus man ended it self he’ll quiet feel favor he’s shed everything. This is due to the fact that he has put a most time and effort right into this relationship.

He has actually now lost this investment. He has likewise lost the security and also sense of safety the relationship afforded him. He spent a lengthy time in search of you.

Taurus men see your partners as possessions come own. It’s as if they connect material worth to them. Together such, he’ll desire to get earlier this an useful possession.

2. If you ended it

If you to be the one that ended the relationship it will certainly be incredibly hard because that Taurus guy to expropriate it. His obstinate nature and also stubborn outlook on life median that he finds it hard to acknowledge various other people’s opinions and decisions.

You have to understand that he most likely never saw it coming. Moreover, he believed it would last forever. Therefore this is most likely to come as an substantial shock come him.

However, if you desire to get him back it’s precious considering the no call rule v a Taurus man. This will clarify whether he misses girlfriend or not.


How perform Taurus men deal with breakups?

They constantly regret a breakup, no matter who finished it. This is due to the fact that they have a pathological need for security. When they uncover the best one they put all their power into building a life through that person. Realizing it was all for nothing is a devastating blow.

How walk a Taurus man feel ~ a breakup?

Taurus no a fire sign choose Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. Fire signs have actually unpredictable tempers and also can blow up v rage. This earth sign will go come the ground come nurse any wounds inflicted throughout the breakup.

How lengthy does it take it a Taurus male to get over a breakup?

It can take Taurus man much longer than various other star signs when it concerns letting go. Only since they invest so much time and also energy into their relationships. When they’ve found the one, all they desire to do is settle down and also make a life through that person.

Do Taurus go ago to your exes?

Will a Taurus man ever come back? some Taureans never ever go earlier to an ex. Because that them, that a issue of pride and also self-esteem. ~ above the various other hand, remember that Taurus is a possessive sign so it would have been tough for him come let walk in the very first place.

Do Taurus relocate on quickly?

It takes Taurus a if to regain his feeling of balance and stability after a break-up. He’s feeling prefer the rug has been traction from under his feet. There’s no means he’ll move on quickly until his feet are earlier firmly planted on heavy earth.

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Taurus men deserve to make loving, committed, and also sensitive partners, so long as you learn to address their stubborn and also possessive nature.