For the most part, you know precisely what to expect going into an Adam Sandler movie. Sure, every so often, that throws united state all because that a loop and also gives the world an Uncut Gems, yet most of Sandler"s movies involve the doing stunner voices, making juvenile jokes, and also hanging out with a bunch that his friends. The purpose of use one gets out of every of those facets varies significantly from one human to the next, but at this point, you only have actually yourself come blame if you"re city hall an Adam Sandler movie and also get offended through the vision of a grown man projectile-vomiting while riding a bicycle. 

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Nowhere is this better exemplified 보다 in Sandler"s only live-action movie to obtain a sequel: Grown Ups. The premise is perfectly Sandler-esque: It adheres to a team of friends who haven"t viewed each other in decades as castle reunite after their old basketball coach overcome away. They decision to invest the 4th of July weekend together, catching up, mirroring on just how much everything has changed, and getting into all sorts of hijinks. The movie — which carried together Sandler"s buddies choose Chris Rock, David Spade, Kevin James, and Rob Schneider — exceeded expectations at package office and pulled in enough money to warrant a sequel: 2013"s Grown Ups 2.

Surely, over there could"ve been a method for the comedians to discover an excuse to share the display together again. Sadly because that fans that the an initial two Grown Ups films, the looks choose this collection is more than likely going come stick to gift a duology. 

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If a comedy is walk to acquire a sequel, then it"s for sure to to speak it"ll it is in released shortly after the first. Two to three years is common, so the reality it"s been eight years since Grown Ups 2 dropped in theaters, it"s not looking likely that Grown Ups 3 will ever materialize. By the sound that it, the studio may have actually been interested in a threequel at part point, but as Nick Swardson, that plays the bus driver named Nick in the Grown Ups movies, explained in a 2020 interview with The wealthy Eisen Show, " had actually talked around it and then over there was one more script the end there that wasn"t approved." 

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In the event you continue watching the interview, Swardson proceeds to comment on a Grown Ups 3 spec script that go viral approximately the exact same time. What precisely is he talk about? In January 2020, The best Show writer-producer Tom Scharpling unveiled top top Twitter a spec manuscript for a theoretical Grown Ups 3 in the very same vein together your typical Sandler flick. If the script starts out exactly how you"d expect, a director shortly yells "cut!" and also it"s revealed the gibbs (Sandler and the gang) are just playing characters. They continue to portray exaggerated versions of themselves, and soon, a killer go on the loose, murdering castle one by one. Miraculously, the spec script maintains the same tone as a goofy Sandler comedy even with the killer in ~ its center.

All in all, the idea because that Grown Ups 3 is awesome for an exercise in meta-humor, but it"s most likely too out-there to ever be made. Still, one have the right to dream.