In April 1898, if Congress all set to authorize army force against Spain, some members to be wary that the United claims would annex Cuba rather than enable its independence. Councilor Henry M. Teller of Colorado proposed an amendment disclaiming any type of intention to manage Cuba. Conference passed the amended joint resolution top top April 19; President william McKinley signed the on April 20.

Records of the U.S. House of Representatives, nationwide Archives and also Records Administration

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The United states hereby disclaims any disposition or on purpose to exercise sovereignty, jurisdiction, or control over claimed Island except for pacification thereof, and also asserts the determination, when that is accomplished, to leave the government and control of the Island come its people.

Teller Amendment, April 16, 1898

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The Spanish-American War

The to explode of the USSMainein February 1898 ended up being a catalyst for war. In April Congress asserted war against Spain, demanding that Spain relinquish regulate of Cuba. Come disavow any type of colonial intentions, Congress first approved an revised proposed by councilor Henry M. Novelist of Colorado sustaining Cuba’s independence. The following war expanded to the Spanish swarms of Puerto Rico, Guam, and also the Philippines, i beg your pardon Spain finally delivered to the United claims in December 1898. The Spanish-American War at some point expanded U.S.-controlled territory and intensified America’s standing as a people power

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