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It's one of many things bother shares v his late father. Warner Bros.

Harry"s ability to develop a powerful, corporeal Patronus at age 13 — under the accuse of his 3rd year Defense versus the Dark arts professor, Remus Lupin — is detailed throughout the collection as a mark of his superior talent.

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"The bulk of witches and wizards room unable to develop Patronuses and to do so is generally considered a mark of exceptional magical ability," Rowling wrote on Pottermore.

The Patronus that Harry's mother, Lily Evans, took the form of a doe.


Lily is viewed as a son in "Deathly Hallows." Warner Bros. / Pottermore

Lily is never seen spreading a Patronus in the "Harry Potter" books or films, yet Rowling has listed her ability to develop a corporeal doe Patronus on many occasions.

Severus Snape's Patronus was additionally a doe, which symbolized his love for Lily.


Snape offers his doe Patronus to show Dumbledore that he never dropped out that love through Lily, his childhood ideal friend. Warner Bros.

Snape"s doe Patronus discover his one true an ideas throughout Harry"s life: to defend the son of the woman he loved.

In "Deathly Hallows," Snape additionally uses his Patronus to assist Harry on his quest to uncover Voldemort"s horcruxes; a Patronus charm can be used to send messages, and also Harry appears to subconsciously recognize the doe as an expansion of his mother, permitting him to trust it.

According come Rowling, Snape was the only fatality Eater who could conjure a Patronus charm at all.

"A Patronus is used against things that the death Eaters usually generate, or hit alongside," she created in 2007. "They would certainly not need Patronuses."

"He was mindful not to use the talking Patronus method of communication with ," she added. "This was not difficult, together his specific job in ~ the Order, ie, as spy, supposed that sending a Patronus to any type of of them could have given away his true allegiance."


Lily and James fell in love in ~ Hogwarts and got married really quickly after ~ graduation. Warner Bros.

Harry"s father"s Patronus was the very same as his Animagus — a type he embraced at Hogwarts, i beg your pardon earned him the nickname "Prongs."

However, Rowling has actually said that Lily"s Patronus being a doe and also James" Patronus being a stag is not a coincidence.

"The Patronus frequently mutates to take the picture of the love the one"s life (because they therefore often become the "happy thought" the generates a Patronus)," she created of the couple in 2007.

It"s more likely that James" Patronus morphed to complement Lily"s as soon as they fell in love, fairly than the other method around; due to the fact that Snape had known Lily because childhood and also his Patronus matched hers, it seems reasonable come assume the Lily"s Patronus had actually been a doe every along.

The Patronus charm is said to be the just spell the Hermione ever before had trouble with. Warner Bros.

Rowling has actually said the she provided Hermione one otter Patronus because it"s her favorite animal; the authoradmits she sees lot of it s her in the young witch, including shared "insecurity and a an excellent fear the failure."

Fans have actually also noted that Hermione"s Patronus may have been hinting at she feelings for Ron. The castle Weasleyis comparable to"weasel," which is native the very same family(Mustelidae) together the otter.

Ron learns to conjure a Patronus in his 5th year at school, under the indict of Harry. Warner Bros.

In 2005, 2 years prior to Ron conjured a Patronus onscreen in "Order of the Phoenix," Rowling revealed that his charm would certainly take the form of a Jack Russell Terrier.

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"Ron"s Patronus is a small dog, like a Jack Russell, and also that"s a really sentimental choice, since we"ve gained a Jack Russell," she wrote. "He"s insane."

Fans have actually also detailed that the Jack Russell Terrier is a each other of dog well-known for the love the chasing otters — the Patronus form of Ron"s future wife, Hermione.