Ragtime music is truly African-American music. It combines rhythms that were lugged to this nation by slaves, v musical forms brought over come the United states from Europe. Ragtime supplies syncopated rhythms — that is, the accents in the melody are shifted away from the strong beats in the base line underneath.

History of Ragtime

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What is Ragtime music?

Okay, therefore what specifically is ragtime music?

Ragtime music source on the piano. They music is fast and also syncopated (“ragged”), v the right hand doing every the crazy rhythms and the left hand play steadily. In ragtime, the left hand usually plays a bass keep in mind on beat 1 and 3, with a chord on beat 2 and 4.

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Ragtime harmonic fads are fairly simple, doing a lot of tonic-dominant movement. Because that example, if you to be in the crucial of C, you would be playing largely C and also G chords.

Unlike some jazz, the way ragtime music was composed on the web page was specifically how it must be played – without embellishment or modification. It has that in usual withClassicalandRomanticmusic.

Ragtime is also an extremely technically demanding come play – if you’ve attempted come play Joplin’s Maple leaf Rag, you will understand. The idea to be to play with machine-like precision.

Where go ragtime originate?


Though ragtime music spread throughout America, its main hub to be Missouri. There’s an yearly Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival in Sedalia, Missouri, due to the fact that Joplin lived and taught there for a while (in enhancement to life in St. Louis, Missouri). If friend haven’t heard that Scott Joplin yet, we’ll be talking around him soon, because he’s the most famous name the ragtime.

St. Louis to be a popular center for ragtime – due to the fact that it’s situated in main USA, it to be a hub for travelers of every kinds, and as a piano player you can make a life there. You wouldn’t be roll in the dough, perhaps, yet you’d make enough to obtain by.

Precursors that ragtime music

But due to the fact that music is one ever-evolving beast, v one genre leading right into the next, what develops inspired the creation of Ragtime?

-banjo playing (playing the piano like you would certainly play the banjo)-syncopated styles like the cakewalk (predecessor)-fiddle music/dances native the brother Isles, choose jigs

Ragtime was a transient genre. It was popular before recorded music ended up being available, definition it to be mainly distributed via paper music – and you’d hear the performed in ~ bars and clubs. It had this in typical with classical music.


But the sound the ragtime was evolving away from the classic sound, and could be viewed as a precursor come jazz. Through jazz, the musical landscape readjusted even further in the introduction of musical recordings.

Main ragtime music composers

When us talk around influential composers of ragtime music, we need to talk about “the large three”. These are three men who we could speak to the greats that ragtime. Lock were:


Scott JoplinJoseph LambJames Scott

These to be composers who delighted in popularity and also wrote high-level ragtime music (not cheap imitation ragtime).

Scott Joplin

So stop talk about Scott Joplin. He was an African-American songwriter and also piano player, born in 1867 in Texas.

He grew up together a railway laborer, but he was happy to have a musical household and great teachers, because he was able to travel approximately the south as a musician ~ deciding that difficult physical labor wasn’t his cup that tea.

Eventually, in 1894, he moved to Sedalia, Missouri, whereby he teach piano because that a life (and trained future ragtime stars). It was there he started publishing music, and where he gained a publishing deal.

When he published Maple sheet Rag in 1899, it came to be a craze, bringing the fame and also influencing various other musicians, and the song stood together the an interpretation of ragtime.

Let’s listen to a small bit the the famed Maple sheet Rag. You’ll an alert the steady, leaping left hand and also the catchy and also syncopated right hand.

In Sedalia, there to be a club dubbed “The Maple leaf Club” the Joplin typically went to/played at, for this reason he called one the his many favorite songs, The Maple leaf Rag, after that club.


Joplin’s Death

Joplin moved approximately some much more – to St. Louis and brand-new York – and attempted to an outbreak of the ragtime box by creating operas, without much success.

In 1917, Scott Joplin died of syphilis, and his death significant the end of an era – the finish of ragtime.

Joseph Lamb

Joseph Lamb is the only non-African American that the huge 3. He was born about twenty years after Joplin in new Jersey, and, as a self-taught piano player, was very passionate around Joplin’s music.

In 1907, the met Joplin in new York City, and Joplin to be impressed through Lamb’s tunes. Therefore Joplin set Lamb up through his very own publisher, who he remained with because that a decade.

Around the moment of Joplin’s death and also the finish of the ragtime era, Lamb made decision to create music as a hobby, opting to it is in on the organization side of points as an accountant.

The tune I want to show you by Joseph Lamb is his “Sensation Rag”. This to be the one that performed because that Scott Joplin in human being in 1908, and the tune that caused Joplin to recommend Lamb come his publicist.

His rags room lively and organized. Lamb put melody an initial and technical difficulty second in his writings. His rags aren’t wildly complicated (both in play or listening), yet are very accessible and also listenable.


James Scott

Last the “The large 3” is James Scott. He to be a talented African-American piano player and also composer who resided in Missouri (like Joplin).

Like Lamb, James Scott to be born about twenty years after Joplin, and also considered him an idol. In 1905, he took trip to St. Luigi to uncover Joplin and play some rags because that him. And, choose the story the Joseph Lamb, Joplin was impressed and also recommended James Scott to his publisher.

Scott became a music teacher and performer at quiet movies, and composing. He was relatively successful until sound movie took end in the at an early stage 1930s, pushing him out of his theatre jobs.

Scott wrote a song referred to as “Frog legs Rag”, which ended up being a vast hit (not as huge as Joplin’s Maple sheet Rag, but definitely increase there).

This was among his previously compositions, but I figured it would be worth looking at, seeing as it’s one of the most popular ragtime songs. It also gives a feeling of Scott’s clear, bright and also lyrical style.


Ragtime’s influence

Ragtime music no confined to the USA – europe composers, choose Dvorak and also Debussy, were affected by it as well. A good example is Debussy’s “Golliwog’s Cakewalk”, created in 1913. Cakewalks were very similar to rags – simply an earlier kind of them.

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Like any new and amazing musical genre, not everyone sings its praises. Similar to Marilyn Manson in the 1990s, ragtime was considered by part to be “musical poison” and of being able to uncover its way into the “brains that the youth to such an extent as to arouse one’s suspicions of your sanity”.

It just goes to present that, no matter what generation you live in, new music and art will constantly tend come be taken into consideration evil till it becomes common.

Ragtime’s rebirth

Though ragtime fell out that popularity about 1920, replaced by the wilder, more adventurous jazz styles, ragtime didn’t disappear into obscurity forever. In the 1970s, ragtime music was restored by performers and movies.

One point that happened to ragtime end the years was the it came to be caricaturized. You had this art form that was watered down for fixed consumption, and then it became parodied because that years, so the no one taken into consideration it a serious genre that music.

Typical impressions of ragtime music would certainly involve playing on an out-of-tune piano, playing way too fast, making several mistakes, and so on.

But in 1970, a guy named Joshua Rifkin recorded an album dubbed “Piano Rags through Scott Joplin”, draw close it favor a classical pianist and also treating the genre through respect. This album became an extremely popular.

In 1974, a movie called “The Sting” used the music the Scott Joplin, additional revitalizing the genre. This is wherein Joplin’s tune “The Entertainer” came to be famous.

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Because of these revitalizing efforts, and also many more, ragtime is a genre most of us have actually heard of also in contemporary times.