You"ve seen her take Dr. Phil"s hand after ~ every show and walk him turn off stage. You"ve heard she input on whatever from parentingandempty swarm syndrometo anti-agingand menopause. However how much do you really know about Dr. Phil"s far better half, Robin McGraw?

Robin is the best-selling writer of inside My Heart: picking to Live with Passion and also Purpose, and also she is likewise a plank member of The Dr. Phil Foundation. Find out much more about America"s Girlfriend!


Robin"s Thoughts:

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On stand by your guy in the wake of the Eliot Spitzer scandal:

"I would certainly not have actually gone out there come stand beside you, behind you, assistance you in any kind of way. No!" she speak Dr. Phil. "And the reality thatwent out there through him, and he showed her no respect. The walked the end in front of her. He never looked behind to check out if she was complying with him, if she to be OK. He never ever touched her. Once he apologized, he claimed he to be going to work on, ‘myself and my family." that talked about himself. It was an extremely insincere."


Ondressing fabulous at any type of age:

"I am here to prove that while someone in their 20s deserve to dress yes, really hot, and fun and also exciting, there"s no factor why I, in my 50s, can"t perform the same thing. Ns really feel favor I"m as well old to wear a jean skirt,"Robin says.She argues takinga day to walk to a save and shot onmany different pairs that jeans. "You might look at something and also think you"ll prefer it, however you have actually to try it on. You"ll discover the perfect fit because that you. Don"t worry."


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On reconnecting with your troubled teen:

"They"re not perfect, yet in mine eyes, they"re close to perfect," she says, adding, "I have never, ever before raised my voice to mine children. I have actually never, ever before looked at them through anything but a smile and love in my eyes." v a tremulous voice, she continues, "I permit them know every day how much ns treasure them. I adore them. They are my factor for gift on this earth. Ns would never ever raise mine voice to them. I would never ever tell lock anything yet that they are the precious young males that I"ve had the privilege of being your mother."

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