While i was looking through a few different boating blogs this week, ns stumbled throughout something dubbed a tobacco boat. I believed I knew my boats but having actually not heard the this form of ship before, i did a little online study to find out an ext about it. This is what I found when investigating “what is a tobacco boat”.

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Cigarette watercrafts are technically powerboats the are typically used because that racing. Very first built in the 1960s, castle were also used to move drugs and tobacco native the Caribbean across to the unified States, which is where they earned their nickname “cigarette” boat. 

Cigarette watercrafts are several of the faster motorized speed watercrafts that have ever been manufactured, having remained in existence because that several years now. Through a wide variety of uses and a series of an extremely intriguing historical events behind your invention, over there is a lot come learn about these distinctive vessels.

In this article, i am walk to explain exactly what a cigarette boat is, in addition to some of the background behind them, the name, and also some much more specifications about this type of watercraft.

What is a cigarette boat?

Cigarette watercrafts are a particular brand of powerboat the was invented by a expert racer and designer called Donald Aronow.

He developed the company in the 1960s, and also it quickly became a hit anywhere the world.

Known because that its incredibly high speeds, the cigarette boat is created with a long and also narrow platform. Choose most varieties of rate boats, the hull permits for the high speeds the this kind of watercraft is able to reach.

These varieties of boats are normally made the fiberglass material and also are intended because that a single person or very small crews to travel on miscellaneous bodies of water.

Cigarette watercraft overviewCreated by Donald Aronow in the 1960s.Powerboats nicknamed “cigarette”.Made of fiberglass.Intended for tiny crews.Can take trip at quick speeds.Long and narrow platform.Hull permits for high speeds.

After Aronow coined the name tobacco boat, it became synonymous v what world considered the average speed boat to be.

I guess: v it’s similar to just how many world refer to a stick of lip enjoyment as “chapstick”, or contact a vacuum cleaner a “hoover”, the brand the he produced started to specify the speed boat design in general.

The boat was provided its nickname “cigarette” because of the background that is behind it, which i will gain into in the next section that this research.

What go a cigarette watercraft look like?

To assist put things into perspective better, a snapshot paints a thousand words. So v that in mind, here are some instances of what cigarette watercrafts look favor that I found online:


The background of cigarette boats

Cigarette boat history and height facts Creator Donald Aronow rental to create watercraft for US personalizeds agents.Lost contract with US early out todrug tiesin sale of company.Smugglers used boats to transport products.Bought the agency back.Aronow passed away in 1987 in Miami quickly after.

The history of cigarette watercrafts is a rocky one, come say the least.

Due come the fact that cigarette boats are able come reach exceptionally fast speeds, they were historically provided by medicine smugglers to carry their assets from the Caribbean come the unified States.

The surname cigarette boat is likewise directly regarded the fact that tobacco was among the commodities that was most commonly smuggled throughout the water on these boats.

Donald Aronow, the creator the the brand, walk on to capture the attention of the united States customs Agents, and also was readily available a multimillion dollar transaction to construct a special type of watercraft for castle to usage while obtrude the law.

However, this company relationship soured and also then finished when Aronow determined to offer the entire company to someone else the was heavily involved in the medicine scene throughout that exact same time period.

Due come the reality that Aronow was publicly linked to the medicine trade, the joined States customizeds Agents pulled the end of the transaction last minute.

Not wanting to lose this substantial opportunity, Aronow quickly bought his company back native the drug king pin that he had actually sold it to.

Shortly after the firm was purchased ago from the buyer, Aronow died in 1987 in Miami. That was apparently shot by the same civilization that he took his agency back from.

Although the designer the cigarette watercrafts came to a tragic end as result of dangerous medicine ties in the late 1980s, he in reality profited an extremely well indigenous his creation and also brought something come life the is still relevant today.

Cigarette boat speeds

Cigarette boats, additionally referred to together “1400-horsepower” boats, are some of the more quickly motorized watercraft the have ever before been invented.

With speed going increase to practically 200 miles every hour in the ideal of circumstances, over there is no question around the capabilities of this form of boat.

Depending ~ above what kind of water the cigarette watercraft is traveling across, there will certainly be a various maximum rate level.

Take a look at the list below to uncover out what few of the maximum speed of a cigarette boat are in assorted water conditions.

Cigarette boat speed examples:Flat water – approximately 200 miles per hour.Bumpwater – approximately 150 miles every hour.Ocean water – up to 100 miles every hour.

When a cigarette boat is traveling over flat, patience water, such together a lake, it deserve to go up to 200 miles every hour.

However, depending on how much the engine is pushed, this estimated maximum speed deserve to be exceeded.

If the water is slightly bumpier or has actually some type of current, you have the right to expect to see this form of watercraft moving around 150 miles per hour.

Cigarette boats can likewise be provided in the ocean and have historically to be purchased for this function alone.

When a cigarette watercraft is traveling across the strong waves of the ocean, it will only be able to push about 100 miles every hour or more.

However, if the water problems are specifically bumpy, it can dip listed below this threshold.

All in all, the rate of a cigarette watercraft is solely dependent on whereby it is gift used.

With the potential come go approximately 90 miles every hour, friend will see these speed in various circumstances throughout the time you space behind the wheel of among these extra fast speedboats.

Cigarette boats vs motorized rate boats

As stated throughout this article, cigarette watercrafts are a type of motorized speed boat. However, this certain vehicle is an extremely different indigenous the average speed boat.

In this section, I will certainly briefly walk over the similarities and also differences in between cigarette boats and also their similar counterparts.

Cigarette boats:Up to 200 miles per hour speeds.Made of fiberglass material.Long and also narrow appearance.Regular speed boats:Up come 100 miles every hour speeds.Can it is in made of fiberglass, wood, or metal.Long and narrow appearance.

While the is true that both tobacco boats and also the regular speed boats have to be designed to reach an extremely fast speed on any type of body of water, there are some differences in the best speeds the they have actually the potential come reach.

Cigarette boats have a significantly higher level that power than the typical motor boat, v an median maximum speed of 200 miles per hour or also more.

Speed boats, top top the contrary, will only have the ability to reach around 90 to 100 miles per hour in the ideal of circumstances.

Both types of boats have part similarities in between them once it involves the materials that lock are built of.

Cigarette boats are do of fiberglass material, and the average speed watercraft can additionally include these contents in the construction.

However, some speed watercrafts will it is in made of lumber or steel instead, i m sorry is something the is no usually discovered on the tobacco boat.

Just prefer a tobacco boat, speed watercrafts generally have a really long and also narrow appearance that helps the auto reach high speed on the water.

These sizes and shapes deserve to vary between brands and also designs, though, and cigarette watercrafts are very likely to it is in even an ext sleek and also slender 보다 these other motor boats.

As you deserve to see, the cigarette watercraft is an integral part of American culture.

Since the early on 1960s once they were designed to the moment in the so late 1980s once the creator to be gunned down in the roadways of Miami in the name of his invention, these boats have been a staple in the ar of boat owners.

Contrary to the typical speed boat, cigarette boats have special features that assist them come go quicker than any other kind of motorized auto in existence.

To this day, the name and brand the the cigarette boat is legendary and seems to be untouchable.

Related questions

How much does a cigarette watercraft cost today?

The average expense that you deserve to expect to invest on a cigarette watercraft is around $700,000 united state dollars.

Still one of the fastest and also most advanced boats around, the price tag on this vehicles is anything yet cheap, even to this day.

How much gas perform cigarette watercrafts use?

In general, cigarette boats will usage an typical of 0.4 pounds that fuel because that each hour that it is provided regularly.

Alternatively, if the cigarette boat is offered at its maximum speed, it will burn slightly more at 0.5 pounds per hour.

What is a “Go-Fast” boat?

A “Go-Fast” boat is a type of motorized speed watercraft that is little and versatile, enabling it to travel at an extremely high speeds end the water.

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Just favor a cigarette boat, the platform o the watercraft is long and narrow, with a planing hull because that extra momentum.

The critical word…

So over there you have actually it, that’s what a cigarette watercraft is, plus part potted background about this particular vessel. If you are interested in learning about more of the various boat varieties on united state waters, then below are some various other guides and also explainers I’ve placed together: