Have you ever before wondered why February is the shortest month of the year? If you take a look at at her calendar, you’ll an alert that February only has 28 work while the various other months have actually 30 or 31 days.

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When to be the calendar invented?


Believe the or not, the calendar we understand today is actually based on the ancient Roman calendar. That was designed in the 8 hours century BC by a king named Numa Pompilius.

Back then, Rome was a growing civilization and also on a significant inventing spree!

At left is a picture of king Numa Pompilius, the emperor that Rome.

Numa Pompilius/Digital Collections, The new York publicly Library/The brand-new York publicly Library, Astor, Lennox, and also Tilden Foundation

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Was the true there was a various calendar?

A snapshot of a roman calendar uncovered in the damages of Nero's villa at Antium. If you look close, you may see the months provided along the top of the picture.Image license is granted Public Domain via Wikimedia

There’s a rumour that the factor why February is the shortest month of the year is because another king called Augustus Caesar stole a day from February to include to the month called after that — August. However, the genuine reason February is shorter begins with the fact that the an initial calendar was only 10 months long. It’s true!

Why was the calendar only 10 month long?

A ar of barley — a chop favourite of ancient Rome. Photo by michieru license is granted CC by 2.0

Farming was a large deal in ancient Rome. Roman inn farmers harvest wheat, spelt and barley i m sorry were usually all the ingredient to make their favourite food, bread! Farming was so crucial to Romans that King Pompilius didn’t also bother come name the time in in between harvests. The calendar year started in March and also ended in December. Everything else was just called winter!

An agenda with pages open up on the months of January and February. Image courtesy the Pixabay

However, through the calendar only being 10 month long, it started to autumn out the sync with the Lunar calendar i m sorry tracked the phases the the moon. The Lunar calendar had actually 355 work a year and also 12 lunar cycles (or months) when the roman inn calendar only accounted for 10.

Confused yet?

So to be the Romans! lock didn’t understand whether to follow the 12-month Lunar calendar or the brand-new 10-month calendar designed by King Pompilius! To settle this problem, the king included two an ext months after ~ December and called lock January and also February.

So that was it? The trouble was solved?

These room a bunch the colourful, random numbers.Photo byJurgen Appelo licensedCC by 2.0

Well, not really. This caused much more problems because old Romans assumed that even numbers (2,4,6,8, etc.

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) to be unlucky! therefore King Pompilius do the months one of two people 29 or 31 work long but the math still didn’t add up to complement the Lunar Calendar. One month had to it is in an also number so poor February attracted the unlucky straw with 28 days! more than likely just because it was the critical month the the year. Yes, you review that correct! In those days the begin of the new year to be March 1st, no January first like we have actually now.

Much later, Julius Caesar rearranged the calendar one an ext time, finally giving that the 365 work we understand today and also the remainder is history! February still preserved its short length, yet with all the an excellent things that happen in February, choose Valentines Day and Family Day, it’s pretty happy after all!