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ENHANCE students" an essential reading skills with this exciting pre-reading activity for Arthur Miller"s modern-day play, The Crucible.

In October of 1996, to celebrate the 50th anniversary the The Crucible, Arthur Miller created an essay because that the New Yorker titled, “Why I composed The Crucible.” In this article, the recounts the terror that the Red scare led by city council Joseph McCarthy, the impact the hunt for communists had actually on America, and also the an ideas it provided him to compose his allegorical play, The Crucible. He discusses his research on the Salem Witch Trials. The eloquently defines the parallels he established in between the McCarthy hearings that the 1950s and Witch Trials in Massachusetts in the 1690s. Transparent the essay, Miller uses engaging figurative language and compelling diction as he expose his discoveries around human nature and also the impact of society’s ideology on that is citizens.


This resource includes:

The complete text that the essay emphasize to correspond v questions.

50 questions requiring higher-order reasoning skills

Questions job students through rewording Miller’s remarks, identifying and also discussing the effectiveness of figurative language, responding come reading comprehension prompts, and more.

One graphic, a picture of Miller.

An identical answer an essential with thorough responses

I usage a clear font and allow space for students’ responses.

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