If you"re a fan of Dolly Parton, you"ve most likely noticed that the ar music legend constantly wears long sleeves. And despite she constantly looks glamorous in every single long sleeve dress, gown, and also top she wears, we can"t help wonder why she"s extending up her shoulders and arms. Follow to Jezebel, the "Two Doors Down" singer wears lengthy sleeves (and sometimes also gloves) come hide every her an enig tattoos. 

In 2013, Jennifer Saunders the Absolutely Fabulous fame publicly evidenced on Australian TV show Sunday Night that Parton is covered in tattoos. Saunders recalls the time the superstar flashed she ink in a restaurant, relenten them as "the most beautiful angels and also beautiful butterflies and also baskets of flowers in pastel-colored tattoos." Parton made Saunders promise to not tell a heart — however, Saunders go on come share the story ~ above TV and also in her autobiography, Bonkers: mine Life in Laughs.

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Earlier this year during an interview v Good Morning America, Parton shown that she is partial come a butterfly or flower tattoo. Butterflies are a reoccurring motif in Parton"s life, mentioned in song ("Love Is choose a Butterfly" and also "Butterflies") and appearing top top the logo for Dollywood, Parton"s Tennessee layout park. Explaining their an extremely special meaning, she told ABC News, "They call stories about me getting lost in the woods, and getting in problem chasing butterflies."

Dolly Parton has likewise previously admitted come Jay Leno the she has an angel tattoo what on she body and also told Larry King the she doesn"t have complete tattoo sleeves or almost everywhere near as numerous tattoos as world think. "I splattered them here and there, yet I wouldn"t it is in a biker chick or anything!" she said. If you take a near look in ~ what Parton wears on the red carpet and also during she shows, it"s often her top arms that she hides most, occasionally leaving she wrists bare.

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Though the singer has never evidenced that the factor she wears lengthy sleeves is to cover she tattoos, she has shown that she originally obtained tattoos come cover increase her scars. Speak to Vanity Fair, Parton admitted, "I don"t really like to do a big to-do of due to the fact that people do such a huge damn transaction over every tiny thing." 

She continued, "Most that the tattoos, when I very first started, ns was covering up part scars that i had, "cause I have a tendency to have actually keloid scar tissue, and I have a tendency where if ns have any kind that scars anywhere then they type of have a purple tinge that I can never get rid of." We deserve to only speculate that wearing lengthy sleeves is simply another way that Parton can hide her keloid scars while maintaining her tattoos personal and private, revealing them only to who she chooses, rather than the whole world.

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According come Ioannis Goutos, consultant Plastic surgeon at the british Skin Institute, "A keloid is a form of bulky scar that develops in the skin as a an outcome of injury, epidemic or inflammation and also spreads past the boundaries of the original ar of skin damage. It is basically an area of too much collagen deposition." Goutos explains them together "shiny, rubbery skin lumps" that can be an extremely unpredictable as they have the right to take year to develop, and stop and also start growing at different stages the life for no reason known to clinical professionals. As declared on the UK"s National health System website, they room most typical on the top chest, shoulders, head, and also neck.

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In current years, Dolly Parton has been an extremely open about the reality that she has keloid scars, which provides us wonder even if it is or not they space treatable. While over there is no require to have actually them removed as lock are fully harmless, like many scars, lock will stay on your body for life. 

If you want them treated for cosmetic reasons, Goutos recommends you see a skin specialist or dermatologist together there is no single treatment that have the right to remove castle completely, and also the process can be quite complicated. The American Academy the Dermatology list corticosteroids injections, surgical removal, compression, cryotherapy, radiation, laser, and much more treatments to handle the scar. However, the is vital to understand that most human being usually need to undergo multiple different treatments, and even if successful, the keloid scars deserve to still return.