Urine does no usually have actually a strong odor to it. However, occasionally, the will have actually a pungent smell of ammonia. One explanation for an ammonia odor is high quantities of garbage in the urine. But particular foods, dehydration, and also infections are additionally possible.

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Urine is the body’s fluid waste. The is made by the kidneys, which filter toxins out of the blood. It contains water, salt, urea, and also uric acid. Urea is expelled in the kind of sweat v the body, when uric acid is the result of to pee metabolism.

Changes come urine smell and color offer understanding into a who health, diet, and also lifestyle choices. These choices may add to one ammonia smell, but they room not the just causes.

Most of the time, this occurrence is nothing to cause alarm. There room times, however, where ammonia-smelling urine shows a health problem.


Share on PinterestDehydration from not drinking sufficient water can cause urine to smell like ammonia.
Dehydration can reason an ammonia smell. Dehydration occurs as soon as someone falls short to drink sufficient fluids or has a far-ranging fluid loss, as result of vomiting or diarrhea. Ammonia odor happens as soon as chemicals in urine are focused due come a absence of water.

In addition to an ammonia-like odor, an additional telltale authorize of dehydration is bubbles in a person’s urine. And if someone is dehydrated, your urine is dark honey or brown color, rather than a pale yellow or gold.

Urinary street infections

According to study from Washington University institution of medicine in St. Louis, Missouri, urinary street infections or UTIs are the most typical bacterial infections worldwide, affecting up to 150 million civilization each year.

Additional numbers for the unified States incorporate 10.5 million physician visits and up to 3 million emergency room visits because that UTI symptoms.

UTIs have tendency to influence women and girls more, however men and boys can likewise develop UTIs. This infections space the an outcome of bacteria entering the urinary tract. The bacteria make urine odor unpleasant and also cause it to be cloudy or bloody.


Share ~ above PinterestPregnancy have the right to sometimes reason ammonia-smelling urine.
Pregnant women have actually a greater risk than others because that UTIs, which increases their opportunities of having actually ammonia-smelling urine. One report indigenous the U.S. Centers for an illness Control and Prevention (CDC) finds up to 8 percent the pregnant women suffer UTIs.

UTIs can reason serious pregnancy complications, including premature labor, low birth weight, and also sepsis infections. Hence, pregnant women must let your doctors understand if they suffer unpleasant-smelling urine, particularly if the odor resembles ammonia.

Pregnancy vitamin can also create a odor of ammonia in the urine. Smelly to pee from acquisition vitamins generally goes away after a short time.

In the absence of various other symptoms, such as pain with urination, cloudy or dark pee color, or inexplicable frequency the urination, there is usually little reason because that concern. Yet reccurring ammonia odor in pregnancy should still be carried to a doctor’s attention.


Menopause can additionally increase a woman’s threat for UTIs and also ammonia-smelling odor, resulting from fall in the mrs hormone estrogen and loss of quality flora, which room the normal and healthy bacteria life in the vagina. Both these changes may reason ammonia-smelling urine.

A additional possibility is diet transforms during menopause, i m sorry can reason an ammonia odor.


Diet is the many common cause of ammonia-smelling to pee in all people. Particular foods, medications, and vitamins can cause changes in to pee smell and also color.

Asparagus is typically linked through an ammonia smell, as are huge amounts the vitamin B-6. Similarly, foodstuffs high in protein have the right to increase urine’s acidic properties and cause that to have actually an ammonia smell.

When diet is the reason of ammonia-smelling urine, the odor disappears once a human being eliminates food root cause from your diet. Odor led to by other a human has consumed is usually nothing to issue about.

Kidney or bladder stones

Anyone who develops kidney or bladder stones might experience ammonia-smelling urine.

When stones pass through the urinary tract, the hazard for UTIs increases and they can cause urine to have an ammonia smell.

Kidney disease

Kidney condition causes chemistry in to pee to end up being concentrated and to cause a odor resembling ammonia. Kidney dysfunction can additionally cause high bacteria and protein level in the urine, which will add to a foul, ammonia smell.

Liver disease

The liver, likewise to the kidneys, is responsible because that removing toxin from the body and helping it come digest food. Infections and also diseases the the liver can develop high levels of ammonia in the urine and also the accompanying pungent odor.

Ammonia level in blood and urine will rise when the liver is not working the way it should. Any continued ammonia odor in urine should be checked by a doctor.

If ammonia-smelling urine wake up every once in a while, the is hardly ever a factor for concern. However, if ammonia odor is add by pains or symptoms of infection, including fever, that is time to see a doctor.

A doctor will desire to know:

how lengthy urine has had an odorhow often ammonia odor occurs

A doctor will most likely do a physics exam and also request to pee samples and also blood work.

Urine is examined for blood, bacteria, and kidney or bladder rock pieces. Usually, to pee testing and also blood work-related can help a doctor make a diagnosis.

A physician may additionally request imaging research studies to test for kidney, bladder, or liver abnormalities.

Drinking 6 to 8 glasses that water every day can reduce the chances of dehydration.

A person who notices your urine is dark in color and also has an ammonia smell have to start drinking plenty of water to ensure they are not dehydrated.

Making sure to avoid the common reasons of dehydration such as heat and sweating deserve to also aid people continue to be hydrated.

Cut under on diet triggers

Anyone who consumes a the majority of triggering foods items can avoid ammonia-smelling to pee by cut those foods items out of their diet.

Reducing intake of offending vitamins and also medications can also reduce pee odor.

Pass pee often

Most human being urinate as soon as their bladders space full. However urine that is held in have the right to become much more concentrated and have a foul odor. No holding in urine will certainly minimize ammonia odor and also infections.

Stay clean

Personal toilet of the genital area is critical when experiencing solid ammonia-smelling odor. It is necessary to ensure genitals room cleaned well during bathing and totally dried afterward.

It is also a good idea to empty the bladder completely when urinating, to stop remnants of to pee dripping on to clothing. Wiping well and rinsing with water, if needed, after ~ urinating can likewise minimize the bacteria that reason infections and ammonia-smelling urine.

The many common causes of one ammonia odor to a who urine space diet, UTIs, dehydration, and also hormones. The is necessary to uncover out the main cause, especially if the is medical.

Most the the time, staying hydrated, decreasing join of cause foods, vitamins, and medications, passing urine often, and also practicing good hygiene can regulate ammonia odor in urine.

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It is necessary ammonia-smelling urine is no ignored, particularly if it continues after make attempts to fix it. Ammonia smell may show a wellness problem and also should not be ignored.