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Why Does my Dog placed His Paw on my Face?

Dogs want nothing yet our love and also attention. Lock constantly questioning us, “Hey! look at here” by barking at us, jumping in ~ us, also pawing us.

But you could be bothered when your dog paws your challenge when they deserve to do it on her arm, legs, or hands, or shoulders instead.

This makes you ask, why does mine dog put his paw on my face? Is this a sign of dominance, or miscellaneous else?

We talk about the connection between dog pawing and communication and also some feasible reasons why dogs placed their paws on her face.

You’ll additionally find out around how to stop extreme pawing behavior!


Dog Pawing and also Communication

Our dogs’ paws are an extremely special. In addition to their voice, dogs’ paws space a way for castle to interact with us.

We additionally sometimes encourage castle to usage their paws to shake hand or contact our attention.

If your dog enjoys meeting various other furry fellows and also playing, you’ll check out them pawing one one more as they operation around and also playfully bite.

You don’t need to overthink why your dog is pawing you due to the fact that they space simply interacting with us just like a toddler grabbing your arm.

Even we, humans, speak v our hand sometimes.

Sometimes pawing us appears cute. Other times, it deserve to be worried or annoying.

Why her Dog Puts their Paw on her Face

If her dog has a habit of putting their paw on your face, it help to understand what’s resulting in it.

Here space some feasible reasons.

Your Dog needs Something

Your dog pawed in ~ your face possibly because they require something indigenous you. They can be in pain, hungry, or just feeling clingy.

While it’s no subtle to have actually a dog who puts your paws on her face, it surely go the task of gaining your attention.

Your Dog is Hungry

If it’s close to dinner time, you’ll notification your dog pawing at you to repeat you that they room hungry.

Another authorize that your dog is pawing at her face since they are hungry is as soon as they check out you eating.

As mentioned, dogs use their paws come communicate. So, they will paw in ~ you to draw your attention to the truth that they room hungry and want few of what girlfriend have.

You’ll additionally see lock doing that cute and hopeful puppy look to beg for food!

They want Attention

If they paw your face while you’re already giving them attention and playtime, it can mean they desire you to continue.

So, you petting, tickling, and also rubbing their belly. You avoid for a second then castle paw your face. It way they don’t want you come stop.

They walk Something Bad

The pawing actions can be very demanding, yet it’s sometimes a method for dogs to apologize for something bad that they did.

If her dog feels guilty for peeing top top the carpet, castle throw their paw on you v a sad face to ask because that forgiveness.

So, if pawing seems like a dominant dog behavior, it’s frequently an expression that submission.

Your Dog is not Feeling Well

If her dog doesn’t feeling comfortable as they paw her face, it could be since they room sick or anxious.

This could be the factor if, even when friend reward them through attention, they do not feeling at ease.

Other signs that her dog is in pain include mobility problems, too much grooming, adjust in personality, restlessness, and also more.

Another possible reason because that this is anxiety. Your dog seems uninterested in food or play, and also they save drooling and panting.

Dogs through anxiety as result of thunderstorms paw at their owners even prior to the storm arrives.

For those v separation anxiety, pawing occurs before you leave or if you show cues that your dog associates v you leaving.

They are Comforting You

If they’ve watched you ailing or sad, your dog is probably putting your paw ~ above your face to tell you the it’s going to it is in okay.

Dogs feel our energy and also emotions, and they treatment deeply around us. Castle have numerous ways to express their affection come us and also pawing is among them.

If her dog hears you cry and reaches out their paw to you, they’re saying “Hey, I know you’re going v something right now yet I’m here.”

Sometimes, even if friend don’t feel down, they simply paw top top your face to tell girlfriend they love you. Dogs understand that world like to be touch the means dogs do.

They just want us to it is in happy!

The actions is Reinforced

If your dog is offered to pawing her face, it can be because they found it rewarding.

The first time they placed their paws on your face, they could have acquired some kind of reward from you, choose attention or physical touch.

Since then, they preserved doing it come ask because that playtime, cuddles, and also other creates of rewards.

You conveniently lose your tolerance for their behavior, which used to be harmless and also cute however is currently annoying, and you’re the one to blame.

But nothing be too tough on yourself. You can constantly train lock to prevent the behavior.

Understanding human body Language

Other body signals from her dog deserve to determine why they room pawing in ~ you. Because that instance, you should look at the method they look in ~ you, their tail, and other behaviors.

Here room some human body signals you should understand.

Long Pause

Dogs commonly paw in ~ your confront briefly. Lock tap you with their paw then leave whether you reward them with attention or not.

However, if they paw in ~ your confront for an ext than a few seconds, it way they room being demanding.

There is additionally a possibility that your dog walk not watch you as the load leader. This lengthy “pawse” happens once the brief one to be unrewarded.

But that could also be a sign that they room in dire require of something. Examine if her dog shows indications of condition or injury.

Attentive Gaze, calm Mouth, Wagging Tail, Pricked Ears

If your dog has actually an upheld or wagging tail while concentrating on you with a relaxed mouth and also pricked ears, climate they want to play v you.

That’s a happy dog pawing at you due to the fact that they are looking for engagement. Some also bark, run, rotate in circles, or jump on you.

Shifting Gaze, chop Mouth, short Tail, Pricked Ears

If her dog still has pricked ears but the opposite of what was discussed in regards to their haze, mouth, and tail, climate they room anxious about something or feeling sick.

They deserve to be panting or reflecting a chop mouth since they feeling uncomfortable and stressed out about something.

They look and also move from one place to an additional as castle pace and paw in ~ you.

Remember this pawing in ~ you is various from the much more relaxed pawing. An anxious dog will keep pawing you to shot soothing themselves.

Soft Gaze, relaxed Ears, and also Mouth, Wagging Tail

Just prefer the very first one, a dog that wags your tail when pawing in ~ you is no a reason for concern.

They merely want affection. Take keep in mind that it’s different from wanting playtime due to the fact that this time, your dog seeks attention in a relaxed manner.

They are also likely come ask for much more if you prevent petting them. They prefer nudging her hand through a paw or sleep if they have the chance.

Is This a sign of negative Behavior?

That depends.

Dogs that put their paws top top your face are not necessarily bad.

As mentioned, this gesture is instinctual. Their ancestors have actually been act it because that ages, for this reason it’s natural for them to interact with your paws together well.

They additionally do it since they want your attention as the leader the the pack! friend are held in high for by them.

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However, her dog pawing top top your face can additionally be a learned behavior. While girlfriend think that cute and reward it with praise, they’ll acquire used come doing the even throughout unwanted times.