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Ever wonder what logical progression that lead to writing 1,000 as 1K? The story begins with “chilioi,” i beg your pardon is the Greek word because that thousand. However, the Greeks take it this word in a more loosened sense and also rather meant

“Plural of uncertain affinity; a thousand:…thousand.”

The word chilioi is therefore a nearby translation that 1000 and stands for an unknown size of time and an all-encompassing completeness quite than a literal meaning thousand.

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Some people attribute this to a verse in Bible, Revelation 20:2-6 “And that laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, i beg your pardon is the Devil, and Satan, and bound the a thousands years.”

But the fact is the the scriptures has been interpreted several times, and also its original language is actually lost. The interpreted modern English version express a thousand years does not refer to 1000 years in English. It actually references to an uncertain amount of time.

French took the Greek word “Chilioi” and also shortened it come “Kilo.” climate they come up through the metric system and also introduced kilo as 1000. Quickly enough, new words like Kiloliter, Kilogram, Kilotonne, etc. Referred to 1000 liters and also so on. This led to world all end the people start using words K as an abbreviation because that thousand, i m sorry soon also seeped right into the avenues of financial lingo, for this reason the transition of $435,000 ending up being $435K.
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