In spite of her protests against the title, Diane Keaton has actually become an icon of film and fashion. Knvery own for her functions in classics like Annie Hall, Father of the Bride, and The First Wives Club, Keaton has actually become equally famous for her chic hats and also conservative turtlenecks. In interviews, Keaton generally emphasizes that she adopted this signature look bereason she knows what she likes and what looks great on her (telling the Los Angeles Times in May 2019, "I recognize what I am by now"), but there"s even more to it than that. Keaton"s style choices are also a type of defense.

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"Yes, it"s exceptionally protective. It hides a multitude of sins," Keaton told InStyle in July 2019. "Flegislations, anxiety—things choose that. I would not feel comfortable in a short skirt or somepoint reduced off via my arms hanging out there. And I"ve constantly favored hats. They simply structure a head. But, of course, nobody really thinks they"re as great as I do. And, you know, hats likewise defend you from the sun—I"ve had so many skin cancers." That"s not the first time she"s opened up up about her skin cancer battles either.

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As a L"Oréal spokesperboy because 2006, Keaton"s skin cancer battles — and also knowledge around the power of sundisplay screen — make her the right brand ambassador. At age 21, Keaton was diagnosed through basal cell carcinoma, which is the a lot of prevalent develop of skin cancer. Since then, she"s likewise had two surgeries to remove squamous cell cancer, which deserve to be deadly if unchecked. Now, at age 74, Keaton swears by program doctor visits and also constant sundisplay screen applications.

"Wear sundisplay. You"ve gained to put it on," she sassist in an interwatch via Total Beauty, admitting she constantly carries L"Oréal"s face lotion through SPF 50 in her pocket. "Six years earlier I had a squamous cell, which is severe. And I had actually it for a really, very lengthy time . I knew somepoint was up, however no one could discover it. I had 3 biopsies prior to they uncovered it. And it was deep. A squamous cell cancer is second to melanoma, and you deserve to die from it, because it will spread. It"s really not a joke." Pgetting to about the prestige of protecting your skin has actually end up being program for the Oscar-winning star.

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Like many young human being, Keaton venerated the sunlight in her at an early stage years, neglecting her skin"s wellness in pursuit of the perfect tan. "Back in my 20s I didn"t pay attention a lot," Keaton told the Los Angeles Times in May 2015. "I didn"t research and didn"t really treatment and also that was stupid bereason it"s dogged me my whole adult life, also freshly. I didn"t start sun care until my 40s." Her initial diagnosis, however, woke her up to the realities her family members confronted, too. "It"s a family members background," she explained. "I remember my Auntie Martha had skin cancer so negative they rerelocated her nose. My father had actually basal skin cancer and my brother had actually it."

As Keaton told The Hollyhardwood Reporter"s Pret-a-Reporter in May 2015, she might not "have had 20 skin cancers had I had sundisplay screen and took it seriously. When I was flourishing up, it wasn"t also around or disputed... I"m so safeguarded now." Reiterating that message, she shelp in the time of the L"Oréal Paris and Melanoma Research Alliance panel that very same month, "You"ve gained to put the sunblock on, you"ve acquired to go to the dermatologist, you need to take treatment of yourself and also pay attention."

Keaton never before goes anywhere without sunscreen or a hat. And currently that fans understand the backstory of her signature style, they have the right to appreciate it even even more.