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Beyonce apparently owned Kim Kardashian in a tense call call

Apparently Kim referred to as Bey to smooth tensions ~ Kanye’s rant around her and Jay Z, however it didn’t go well


Image: Getty Images

You don’t need insider expertise to know that Beyonce and also Kim Kardashian have actually never been friends. Regardless of their husbands being exceptionally close because that years (until recently), Kim and also Beyonce have barely to be photographed together and are constantly as much from each other as feasible when in the same room.

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Which is why, as lot as we’re not inclined to believe a many the gossip we hear the end of Hollywood, that we can’t assist but think a new report about a phone call between Queen Bey and Kimmy K can be legit juice.

According come Radar Online, Kim referred to as Beyonce freshly to try to smooth end her and Kanye’s relationship with Bey and also Jay – you could remember Kanye ranted around his former friend and also collaborator ~ above stage before his breakdown, attacking Jay for never visiting after ~ Kim was robbed in ~ gunpoint, and also lamenting the fact their daughter Blue Ivy had never had a playdate v North.

Beyonce likewise got a mention in the rant, with Yeezy telling the crowd “Beyoncé, ns was hurt, since I heard the you said you wouldn’t do unless you won video clip of the Year end me and also over Hotline Bling. In mine opinion … sometimes, we be play the national politics too much and also forgetting that we are, just to win. F*** winning. F*** spring cool. F*** being cool.”

But alas, Kim’s olive branch was apparently swatted away by Queen Bey.

“Beyonce flipped out on Kim once Kim referred to as her to try and soothing tensions after ~ Kanye’s hospitalisation,” a source told the website.

“Basically she told Kim come never, ever, contact her or she husband again and said stuff prefer she believed that the two of lock are created each other due to the fact that they are both talentless and pathetic!”

It’s hard to imagine the usually relaxed Beyonce saying together things, but Kanye’s public slamming of his former allies could have driven her over the edge. Beyonce and Jay Z are known to like to save their private lives simply that – private – therefore they would not have taken too kindly to Kanye slamming them in public.

Beyonce and Jay Z’s vastly different political see to Kanye could additionally explain the an especially emotional reaction. Beyonce and Jay Z have actually close ties to Hillary Clinton, who shed the united state presidential debate to Donald Trump ~ an ugly and divisive campaign – and also just this month Kanye publicly set himself with Trump, meeting with the president-elect in ~ his brand-new York headquarters and also posing for a photo possibility afterwards.

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2016 was a an overwhelming year for many, and also as us move into a brand-new year, it appears Beyonce and also Jay Z’s relationship with Kimye is being left behind through it.

The only thing that renders us doubt the story is … Beyonce to know Kim has actually a habit of recording she phone calls, right?