Yesterday was a beautiful day. And also Dagny noticed too. So like we perform on many beautiful days, we went for a walk. It to be early, so ns figured I’d let her off the leash to run about a tiny behind mine in-laws’ home where there’s a large field and also a lake. This has never been a difficulty before. What walk Dagny find?

And why execute dogs role in gross stuff? check out on!

Right as soon as I let her off the leash, she dashed with the bushes i m sorry she periodically does and also I took the long method around. Dagny to be running choose a crazy and also enjoying the sun. At this point, ns was just rounding the corner and also my see was hidden by the bushes. I only saw she tail wagging earlier and forth. Ns thought possibly she uncovered a doggie friend? when she fully came into view, ns knew it couldn’t it is in good. A an extremely happy Dagny to be rolling all about on she back, tongue out, smiling, through her feet and also tail walk in all directions, for this reason proud of herself. I’ve only ever before seen her execute this with planet worms after the rains.

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To my horror, I saw what to be underneath her. A big, dead, STINKY fish. Ns guess a dead rat might have been worse, but all things considered, her timing was terrible. We had actually an appointment at the bank in 20 minutes!


Why do dogs roll in dead animals ?

Time out, permit me explain a thing or two about Dagny. LOOKS room DECEIVING. She is a one and a fifty percent year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that looks choose a pretty little princess and not a fishmonger. She has actually long, soft fur and looks much more like a dainty tiny thing 보다 a burly searching dog.

But don’t let her fool you. She enjoys barreling with the forest hot top top the trail of birds and getting she feet every muddy just as lot as the following dog. So when her skilled sniffer led her best to the dead fish, how could she resist?

She didn’t. Of food she didn’t.

I didn’t even have time to snap a pic that the offensive fish the was about 12 inch long and also cut in half, so all the yummy yuckies were oozing out. I acquired Dagny off of the fish and also she just looked in ~ me choose “What? that was awesome.” What wasn’t awesome to be that human being in the surrounding town could probably smell her and the reality that we had actually an appointment with our financial institution in 20 minutes.

I put her in she crate upon returning home and also poor Tom’s parents took it upon us to bathe her. Bless their hearts. Really. I’d much better find a yes, really nice gift for next time.

Here’s a pic that Dagny after her bath when she to be drying, really not expertise what she go wrong. Oh, stunner dog! ns asked her, “Why perform dogs roll in dead animals like fish?” and she had nothing to say for herself.

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Why carry out dogs roll in dead things prefer fish, rats, and also worms?

The ASPCA has actually a few theories on this strange however common dog behavior:

1. Dogs roll in disgusting stuff to mask their herbal scent, allowing them come camouflage themselves and also be sneakier hunters.2. Dog cover us in the nasty smell to tell various other dogs around what castle found. (When various other dogs sniff your pup, they’ll gain the interesting news that there’s a dead animal in the neighborhood.)3. Dogs love to role on gross points to insurance claim them as their own. Castle don’t desire competition!

Why execute dogs roll in gun stuff? In our case, i think she simply loved the smell and also it was more than likely a combo of every the instinctual factors above.

Tell me — what’s the most mischief her dog has ever before gotten into?

So there’s the answer to why execute dogs roll in dead animals. Ugh!