Most dogs aren’t known for their discriminating taste buds. They’ll lickpractically anything— including the ear cavities of various other pups.

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Why It"s an Unhealthy Habit

follow to Dr. Amy Pike, DVM, the Veterinary actions Consultations in St. Louis, Mo., both dogs could potentially be in ~ risk.

“If the dog being licked has an ear infection, and is being treated through topical medication, the could reason the dog law the licking to gain an upset stomach, due to ingestion the the medication,” says Dr. Pike, back she adds that such treatments usually no poisonous.

If the dog gift licked doesn"t have actually an ear infection, he might wind up through one.

follow to Dr. Pike, the saliva indigenous the various other dog"s mouth might lead come a continually moist ear, i m sorry is “a nice environment for yeast and also bacteria come flourish.” This can reason otitis externa, an external ear infection.

just how to Halt the Behavior

If a dog engages in this actions frequently, he may have a compulsive disorder that needs veterinary attention. (The dog gift licked should likewise be examined by a veterinary for signs of one ear infection.)

“He may need an ext environmental enrichment, something favor a long-lasting chew to keep him occupied,” suggests Dr. Pike. “If the licking is important a compulsive disorder, behavior change and psycho-pharmacologic intervention may be necessary.”

There"s also another option: the dreaded Elizabethan cone. Follow to Dr. Pike, occasionally a physical obstacle is sufficient to aid interrupt the obsessive behavior.


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