After play Tess top top McLeod's Daughters for six years, Bridie Carter thought she knew every little thing there was to know about her character. For this reason it came as a shock as soon as she recently found what Tess named her daughter ~ above the show.

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"Her very first born was referred to as Claire — which ns only discovered that out no long earlier — i didn't understand that," she called 9Entertainment. "That practically made me cry actually, since when you play a character for so lengthy they space a part of you, it's like an expansion of you, it's like a close household member the you feeling deeply associated to."

Bridie Carter and also Lisa Chappell as sisters Tess and Claire McLeod. (

Bridie might still be learning things around Tess 10 year on native McLeod's Daughters' final episode — every episode deserve to be watched on 9Now — however what continues to be the very same is her connection with fans. Both new and old viewers proceed to reach the end to the actress and also her co-stars come share how the above Aussie drama has impacted their lives.

"I was in a Telstra shop 2 days earlier and I had this beautiful larger lady protect against me — and also this is a consistent occurrence, lock don't just stop and have a chat — she held my hand, she looked deeply right into my eyes and touched she heart to tell me how much the show meant come her."

There are most likely to be much more of this moments this week as soon as Bridie and also cast mates Aaron Jeffery, Lisa Chappell, Simmone Jade Mackinnon and also Myles Pollard appear at the McLeod's Daughters shrub Christmas Reunion in Lismore top top Thursday December 5.

Aaron Jeffery, McLeod's Daughters co-creator and also writer Posie Graeme-Evans and also Bridie reunite. (Instagram)

While Bridie is excited to be meeting fans and reminiscing ~ above stage, over there is one co-star she's specifically thrilled around finally capturing up with.

"I in reality haven't seen Simone Jade McKinnon due to the fact that my critical day of filming on set," she explained. "We've make the efforts to obtain together over the past year and also it just hasn't happened. We're both so liven so for me that's an extra distinct element around this reunion."

Since filming her final McLeod's Daughters episodes in 2006 Bridie has ongoing to plot with duties in the struggle Aussie/Kiwi drama 800 Words and movie Emo the Musical. However no present the 48-year-old has remained in has had actually as much influence as McLeod's Daughters.

"For me it's an ext than a tv show," she said. "I really understand that this display has so lot heart and also purity and also honesty. It speak to so countless different values and so plenty of different experience that us not just stepped into people's lounge rooms, we actually stepped right into their hearts and lives.

Bridie think Nick and Tess would still be living in Argentina v their kids. (

"When we obtain to meet human being who experience that, it's prefer you know them intimately and they feeling they know us intimately. So for me it's been probably the most special task I've ever done in that regard, in state of giving to an audience."

These work Bridie resides on her own farm in Lismore with her kids and husband, and also when she's not involved in the businesses on her property she is acting and also producing. As for she McLeod's Daughters character, Bridie thinks Tess would be increase to lot the same as once she left Drover's run 13 years back but would be ready for a change.

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"I'm certain she'd it is in in Argentina with her mob and with Nick yet I think she would have actually a deep longing to rebab.nete earlier to her roots and stand on the floor from i m sorry she came," she said.

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