Back in 2006, Ronnie Radke was on optimal of the world. He was the lead singer of escape the Fate, a post-hardcore tape that had actually just released its debut album, Dying Is Your latest Fashion. A fateful revolve of occasions in las Vegas led to Radke gift charged with battery, and also his refuse to report come his parole officer, along with a lengthy history with illegal narcotics, brought about a two-year jail stint.

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While in prison, Radke started forming a new band, making contact with miscellaneous musicians on the outside. Falling in Reverse, released their debut album, The drug In Me Is You, critical year on Epitaph Records.

Speaking native El Paso during a day turn off from tour, Radke talked about coming come grips with obtaining kicked the end of to escape the Fate and also the joy of a an excellent burger after obtaining out that prison.

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Is The drug In Me Is You a music autobiography?I would say for sure, yeah. I wrote all of the songs in jail. Ns wrote around my past, present and also future.

Do you have actually a back stock of songs from your time in prison?Yes, I have a lot more songs.They will be top top the following record. We will start recording that at the finish of this year.

Does any kind of movie or television display get close come the reality of prison?Well, maybe the truth shows prefer Lockup. But a lot of stuff is fabricated. In there, it"s serious.There were part dangerous times in there. I remained in there two-and-a-half years.

Were over there times where you believed your life was in danger?Yes, of course. I had actually to safeguard myself a pair of times.

The brand-new album sold 18,000 devices in one week. Did the make that a pleasant go back to music?I to be so relieved. I might not believe it. I was so stoked as soon as the album offered so well. It to be amazing.

The video clip for "I"m not a Vampire" acquired a million see in 3 days on YouTube.The video was ~ above the sheathe of YouTube. Every one of our videos have gotten a most views. The is amazing.

Are you on your 3rd bassist?No, there have actually only been two. Actually, I would certainly say there has actually only been one, together the first guy couldn"t yes, really play. The was an ext like a friend that lied about playing bass. I don"t know why. I remained in jail and he said me he might play. Climate I obtained out and found out that he couldn"t, therefore I had actually to find an additional bass player.

There have actually been seven ex-members of your band. Room you an overwhelming to job-related with?No, I"m not. It"s simply that I remained in prison and also all these civilization were saying the they were part of the band. Ns didn"t have any kind of control over it. When I acquired out, points changed. It was my fucking band and those people couldn"t to speak anything anymore. Ns was out. While I remained in prison, I had actually no control over that. Ns couldn"t execute anything. A lot of of human being were speaking for me.

What"s the first thing you did once you obtained out that prison?I saw Jack in the Box. I acquired a burger. And it tasted yes, really good, too.

How soon did friend get earlier to music?Immediately. It was a month after I got out that I acquired into a record studio.

To create the album, you chose Michael Baskette, the same guy who developed the very first Escape the Fate record.He is a friend the I"ve recognized for a very long time and also we had a one-of-a-kind chemistry.

Do you ever have any kind of contact with any of your previous bandmates in escape the Fate?No, I cut all ties v them. It"s all poor feelings. There"s not really any kind of original band members in that band anymore. All of the original members left and it"s all brand-new members. Ns don"t know why they are still play under the name anymore. Clearly, there is not one initial member left in the band.

Do friend still do the songs from the an initial Escape the Fate album?Yes, I perform a few of those songs every night.

And didn"t you go online and also chastise world for making funny of Craig Mabbitt, the man who changed you?Yeah, yet then after i did that, he claimed thanks and also then walk online and bashed me. Ns got worn down of trying to it is in the pretty guy.

What is your advice for younger world who could want to form bands?Stay away from those who would hang around you and also drink and do drugs. Drugs are not the answer, because you need to remain focused. There is a lot come be had within music, however you need to stay focused. You don"t have to live the partying lifestyle. No one need to do drugs thinking that they will make a an excellent record. That"s not the way to go, for sure.

Are you fully clean?Yes, i don"t do anything. I don"t also smoke cigarettes. I run the rule on the tour and also there"s a the majority of stuff that isn"t permitted on the bus.

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Falling in Reverse carry out with Oh, Sleeper, Skip the Foreplay and Even Cameras Lie this evening at Trees.