Nick goff made a mark as a reality television star indigenous a fight US truth star “Ghost Adventure.” yet sadly in spite of thousands the fan and followers supporting him and wanting to watch him in the show, Nick Groff decided to leave the show, and his fans have been asking questions like, “What happened to Nick ~ above Ghost Adventures? to clear things up, that told “Ghost Adventures” fans that he has decided to leave well-known Travel Channel series. No problems you gain to see him his brand-new show “Ghost Stalkers.”

What taken place to Nick Groff? Why did he leaving Ghost Adventure?

He to be a cast and an executive producer of “Ghost Adventure” for ten seasons. Nick goff starred alongside other actors prefer Zak Bagans and also Aaron Goodwin. The display is all around investigating alleged haunted house and locations in pursuit of the ghost.

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“Thank you anyone for your support through the years! I’m composing to say that I will no much longer be a component of Ghost Adventures on take trip Channel. I am honored to have actually helped build an impressive paranormal phenomena that has touched people’s stays all about the world. Ns am continuing to research and also investigate all things paranormal as I start the journey with the following stage of mine Life. Much respect and love to all my GAC and also Ghost Adventures fans. Watch you all soon,”

Nick said ~ above his Facebook wall surface last Monday.

Groff no specify why he is calling it quits from the show. Many of the fans speculate that is because of his brand brand-new series on location America.

Recently Nick groff is the executive producer similar brand-new series, “Ghost Stalkers” which kicked off on the exploration Channel’s sister channel throughout the week-long “Ghostober” celebration last month. Nick’s brand-new series “Ghost Stalkers” premiered on October 19, 2014. Yet the show couldn’t catch much attention and also haven’t aired brand-new seasons after that.

“I’m very excited come announce my new show GHOST STALKERS airing October 19th,”

Groff stated on Twitter.

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So currently you understand what occurred to Nick groff on Ghost Adventures. That most likely left the show due to the fact that he obtained a better opportunity in other series to an increase his career.

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