Our goal is come assist family members in skill building and preventative care. If the need for out-of-home placement i do not care necessary, ours Foster care Program can assist at-risk children and families in detect the stability of a nurturing home. 
Apex family Care believes that youngsters can and do flourish in relationship that foster a feeling of belonging, commitment and also compassion. Ours commitment is to provide a continually of care for youth that is conducive to personal growth and development, while functioning within a family setting. Youngsters who are described Apex Family care will receive the full effort of the experienced team collaborating in a manner that connects all providers and allows because that advocacy because that the child and also family. Our score is to help in afford permanency in the quickest timeframe possible. 
Apex family members Care believes the the finest possible foundation for children’s stays is within their very own families. Whenever possible, the parents or family members members of youngsters placed in ~ Apex family members Care foster homes will be proactively involved in the treatment of their children. Once parental rights have been terminated or initiatives to involve the birth parents have actually failed, Apex Family treatment will make every initiative to work with potential permanency options to aid with transitioning kids to your forever home. 
Apex Family care believes that us must set a criterion within ours community. Our goal is to aid at-risk children and families discover to lead healthy, stable and also independent lives. We believe it yes, really does “take a village to advanced a child”. Our efforts will emphasis on utilizing neighborhood resources however will additionally encompass educating the community relative to the demands of at-risk children and families. 
The score of our firm is the every youth served will successfully change to permanency by way of reunification, adoption, guardianship or independent living. Our treatment technique will include:
Provision the a safe atmosphere for youngsters placed in ours careEncouragement and facilitation the individual and also family therapyMaintenance of family connectionsDevelopment that individualized plans that are pushed by the choice and entry of the youth, biological parents and/or household members, foster parents, and also all associated professionalsSkill structure that will assist the youth’s psychosocial functioningAssist in the identification and advance of staminas through mentoring and positive reinforcementSmooth change to much less restrictive levels of care by communicating and working through those associated in the process
To qualify because that Foster care services at Apex Foster Care, Inc. The adhering to criteria will certainly be considered:
In-home services have been utilized and have failed or to be not suitable for the familyAges ranging from 0-19 yearsVictims the abuse or neglect Court involvementReferred by organization area contracting firm or NDHHSBecoming a Foster Parent
Individuals who wish to end up being a license is granted Foster parental must complete 27 hours of TIPS-MAPP maintain (Trauma educated Partnering because that Safety and Permanence-Modeling strategy to tandem in Parenting). This training food assists foster parents in knowledge the demands of children and families. It is the score of the course to education foster parents so that they could be prepared to make notified decisions regarding permanency and stability because that whom lock are offering care.
Child Abuse it is registered CheckAdult Abuse it is registered CheckSex Offender it is registered CheckCriminal Background examine with local law enforcement agencyFingerprint - based Nebraska State Patrol and National Criminal background CheckHealth screening perfect by a wellness PractitionerPersonal Interviews and Home examine AssessmentReferencesValid Nebraska Driver’s LicenseOwnership the a auto which is in safe operation conditionIncome Verification
Our Licensing experts will collection up an initial in-home interview to fulfill potential Foster Parents prior to the training Course and answer any kind of questions or pertains to you may have, and also to complete a walk-thru of her home. At that time, us will provide you with the vital paperwork to begin the licensing process.

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