Kratos is recognized for beating down literal gods in God the War, also going as much as killing them. These are ten that he take it down and how that did it.

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God Of war 15 god Kratos Took down & just how He did It
The video clip game collection is loosely based upon Greek and also Norse mythology. Numerous of the gods were introduced beforehand in the series and recur throughout numerous games. Acclaimed because that its macabre battles, the player can't go ten minutes into the video game without witnessing epic carnage.

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return inconsistent v Greek and Norse mythology in ~ times, Kratos' hate for god evolves transparent the story. In ~ the exact same time, Kratos develops relationships v gods favor Athena, that (spoiler alert) he kills by mistake. With Kratos' god death count mounting ever before higher, here are 15 god Kratos killed and also how he take it them out.

Updated ~ above July 12, 2021, by Juliet Childers: plenty of gamers in the Gen X, Millennial, and even Gen Z generations will certainly remember the initial God of War game from the early 2000s. From playing the demo level with the Hydra hit a million times to reliving the remaster, the original game set the bar really high for any similar game that come after it. Yet the mix of mythology and also brutality of every kill additionally sets the collection apart. Many thanks to the newest relax from 2018, Kratos can confront off against a whole brand-new pantheon that gods and goddesses awaiting impalement, slashing, crushing, and neck-snapping.

God of war Poseidon
together the first god come be seen in the God of battle series, Poseidon makes a return in God of battle III. In fact, the is the first boss girlfriend fight in the game. Being the God that the Ocean, Poseidon carries with him a plethora of destructive powers and abilities. This includes (so far as fans can discern): cryokinesis (manipulating ice), hydrokinesis (controlling water), and hydro-electrokinesis (generating electrical power over water).

in spite of not being a difficulty previously, Poseidon's fatality was a crucial thing due to the fact that the darkness the Pandora's Box had actually infected him. However, the fight isn't practically as wild as the one Kratos had actually with Ares.

Kratos kills the King that the Seas while encountering his human being form, breaking Poseidon's neck and squeezing his eyes. God of war III was the last time we experienced Poseidon, yet gods returning from death isn't unprecedented.

God of war Ares
together the key antagonist of the very first God of battle game and a notorious figure in God of War: Ascension, Ares to be the initial God of war in the games, and also in Greek mythology. As numerous fans remember, Ares formerly tricked Kratos into slaying his family, so many might say Ares' devastation was in good taste.

v the aid of Athena and also the tongue of the Gods, Kratos beat Ares in a long, arduous fight by dodging brutal attacks and impaling Ares with the blade. Stabbed v the chest v a weapon forged by gods, Ares finally perishes.

now the brand-new God the War, Kratos is taken into consideration a god with extraordinary abilities.

God of battle Athena
known as both the Goddess that War and Wisdom, Athena is shown as a noble goddess in most of the God of war games. In fact, she shows up in the initial God of battle as Kratos' guide and also co-conspirator in killing Ares. She likewise appears in God of war II and also briefly as an illusion in God of battle (2018).

However, Athena make the efforts to stop Kratos indigenous fighting Zeus in order to conserve Olympus. In a struggle where she tries to understand Kratos' blade, Kratos coincidentally impales her. Kratos exclaims, "Why carry out you sacrifice yourself?" and she responds in a noble manner through "To save Olympus."

God of battle Thanatos
"That is not dead which can eternal lie. And also with strange aeons even fatality may die." but this isn't The contact of Cthulhu; it's Sparta and, evidently, also the God of fatality can dice at Kratos' hands.

Thanatos, in Greek culture, is the personification of death that is stated to predate the life and also death cycle. The fight between Kratos and Thanatos also involves Deimos, that Kratos conserved from falling off a cliff. This fight, i m sorry took place in God of War: Ghosts that Sparta, was one of the few where Kratos had actually help.

Deimos is gravely hurt in the battle, fueling Kratos' Spartan Rage. He killing Thanatos in a vengeful attack by ripping Thanatos' chest open and impaling him.

The Hades we watch in the God that War series is a bit different than the charismatic Disney version. Hades, God that the Underworld, is much larger and much more frightening than his Disney counterpart. Though redesigned after the first game, all iterations that Hades terrify and also intimidate.

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there are likewise other differences, such as the means he fights Kratos in the game. Because that starters, Hades is obsessed through trying to steal Kratos' heart in the games. In the end, Kratos responds by murdering him, together one does. Kratos rips out the God of the Underworld's soul, death him v the claws.

Persephone, the Goddess the Spring, wears armor once she fights Kratos in God that War: chain of Olympus. She's designed to it is in a character v wings and also armor who additionally resembles Marvel depictions of Hela, the Asgardian Goddess that Death. Persephone, however, join Hades as the Queen that the Underworld.

The fight in between Kratos and Persephone is an epos battle. That takes location at the finish of God that War: chains of Olympus as the last boss fight. Persephone uses flight for amplified maneuvering and also conjures sizable rocks come hurl in ~ Kratos. The battle concludes v Kratos pulverizing Persephone to fatality using the Gauntlet that Zeus.

together the Titan God that the Sun, Helios is a major villain in God of battle III. He could not look like much, but Helios is one of the most powerful gods in existence. The fatality of Helios was a brutal one through the player managing Kratos transparent the ordeal.

alternate the L1 and also R1 buttons, the player tears Helios' head off of his human body entirely. Helios screams in agony ~ his head is detached from his body. Naturally, the head that Helios becomes an item in the game, in spite of the God of the sun being considered dead.

Hercules is the half-brother of Kratos because they re-publishing the same father: Zeus. Surprise! fans of the collection and Greek mythology will remember that Zeus had countless lovers. However, that was least proud the his kid Kratos and took more of a shine to Hercules.

like Kratos, Hercules eliminated his family and also sought redemption by serving the Gods. As such, nothing would please Hercules (or the Gods) an ext than come rid the civilization of Kratos. However the fatality of Hercules, that is considered a Demigod due to the fact that his mom is a human, to be a shocking minute in God of battle III.

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Hercules attacked Kratos v mighty fists if Kratos dealt range of attacks. Stripped the his armor, Hercules threw sculptures at Kratos. Kratos lastly takes the Nemean Cestus indigenous Hercules and uses the weapon come beat Hercules come death. Brutal.

The God of war game series is loosely based upon Greek mythology, however take "based on" through a large grain of salt. In classic Greek mythology, Hera is the jealous mam of Zeus. In this case, the character of Hera is rather accurate because she mirrors jealousy towards Zeus' offspring and also is the Goddess of Marriage.

while in a drunken stupor, Hera provides a fatal failure by calling Pandora "that little whore." In a blinding rage, Kratos snaps the neck that Hera, for this reason she may never speak again. That's a grim ending for a goddess that fans didn't really obtain to understand at all.

as a character that tricked Kratos (Zeus' very own son) right into thinking they to be allies, plenty of fans feel that Zeus deserves his ill-fated conclusion in ~ the end of God of battle III. In fact, lot of Kratos' frustration and hostility in the direction of the god stems from his relationship with his father. Zeus eliminated Kratos in God of war II (which is why Kratos has to escape native Hell), so it's only organic that Kratos would want to return the favor.

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The 2 powerhouses face off in a heated fight between father and also son. Kratos stabs Zeus v the tongue of Olympus, climate Zeus supplies the blade against Kratos. But Kratos finishes the deed through beating Zeus come a bloody pulp with his bare hands (not unlike how he defeated Hercules).

In the game series, Hephaestus (traditionally well-known as the Greek God of Forges, Metalworking, Fire, and more) is a little bit of a dark equine in Olympus. He provided to it is in married to Aphrodite however has due to the fact that been imprisoned in one Underworld build by Zeus after ~ a beating the left the create master mutilated.

Kratos merely needed his help with a quest, but Hephaestus betrays him because that the benefits of his synthetic daughter Pandora. Kratos only kills him after Hephaestus attempts to kill Kratos first, through electrocuting him then impaling him v the heart.

described as "Thor's idiot Son" and also "Dung Heap" by Sindri, Modi is a demigod and one that Thor's sons, as fans will know. Transparent the recent entry right into the God of war franchise, Modi and his half-brother Magni follow your uncle, Baldur, to locate and murder Kratos.

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though survivors the Ragnarok in actual vikings mythology, Modi definitely doesn't escape through his life intact. ~ failing his brother and being called a coward by Thor, Modi attempts come take down Kratos and also avenge his brother. Yet here's a twist pan didn't view coming — Kratos isn't the one that kills Modi; Atreus is. In fact, Kratos want to spare Modi entirely. Let's chalk Modi's fatality up come Kratos' inaction this time.

The eldest child of Thor, Magni to be a bit an ext favored than Modi in your father's eyes. Under Odin's orders, he accompanies his half-brother and also his uncle, Baldur, come hunt Kratos. Regrettably for Magni, the doesn't endure that hunting for also long.

~ locating Kratos and asking him come surrender, Magni beginning a fight with Modi alongside him. However, Kratos expertly plunges his axe into Magni's skull and kills him. His fatality infuriated Thor, however the Thunder God go not show up in the game. Pan speculate that he might be the next antagonist in subsequent sequels.

Baldur serves as the key antagonist for the recent God of war game. An unassuming character, the God of irradiate doesn't cut too intimidating a kind (he's known more for his "beauty" in norseman mythology). However, a security spell from his mother, Freya, left Baldur unable to feel anything, i beg your pardon drove the mad.

Charged v locating and also killing the Jötunn Guardian, Baldur mistake Kratos for the Guardian. Kratos death Baldur in the exchange, but Baldur recovers many thanks to the security spell and renews his quest with his nephews. That course, Kratos pierces him through a mistletoe-laden arrow (Baldur's one weakness) which enables Kratos to, as soon as again, snap his neck and also kill him because that good.

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well-known as by a few other aliases choose Puck, Smartest male Alive, and also simply Head, the previous Faerie King errand-runner served as Odin's advisor. His selfish intentions brought about Odin removed his very own eye, however Mimir eventually tried to broker peace among all the realms.

In this instance of Kratos death a god-like character, Mimir in reality wanted to be killed. After beheading him, Kratos had actually the lifeless head reanimated (but not before Mimir saw Helheim). He joins Atreus and also Kratos on your quest and seems to remain as a reanimated head in ~ the end of the game.

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