The Ghost Whisperer Cast: Where room They Now? The Ghost Whisperer was one of the most well-known paranormal dramas of the 2000s. Here"s what the actors is doing now!

Ghost Whisperer ran for 5 seasons from 2005 come 2010 ~ above CBS. It was one of plenty of supernatural dramas that appeared in the mid-2000s, but it regulated to entice a dedicated, loyal fan base. Ghost Whisperer also inspired a video clip game, a graphic novel, and also several novel adaptations. Ghost Whisperer to be something the a cult hit, however it received solid fan ratings and also averaged 10 million viewers throughout the first and 4th seasons. Several of the actors members have actually returned come film, yet most have moved on to animation, sitcoms, or genre TV. Even though it finished 9 year ago, Ghost Whisperer quiet stands out together a popular supernatural drama with memorable characters and also a solid supporting cast. The series is at this time streaming top top Hulu and Amazon Prime.

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Since the present ended, the cast members have moved on to a wide range of films, shows, and also projects. Some have actually remained with CBS productions, and others have actually branched out into other genres and also networks. Below is a list of their recent projects, shows, and movies.

Jennifer Love Hewitt stars together Melinda Gordon, a life-long psychic through the keen ability to see and assist lost souls, or "earthbound spirits". She is component of a an effective psychic family and also inherited the capability to speak with the dead from she mother and also grandmother.

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Since leaving Ghost Whisperer, Jennifer Love Hewitt has actually starred in numerous shows, consisting of crime dramas prefer Ryan Murphy"s 9-1-1 and the long-running Criminal Minds. Hewitt additionally made guest appearances on shows like Law & Order: SVU and Hot in Cleveland. Her many recent duty as Maddie kendall on 9-1-1 is a starring role, and the present was freshly renewed for one more season. She additionally appeared on Lifetime"s The customer List for 2 seasons.

David Conrad theatre Jim Clancy, Melinda Gordon"s husband. Jim is a paramedic and also one of the couple of people who knows around Melinda"s psychic abilities. He helps his mam as lot as that can during the series, however he tragically dies in season four. Jim later on returns in a brand-new body, and the couple is reunited.

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They at some point have a child, Aiden, and they proceed to work-related together together a team. Because leaving Ghost Whisperer, David Conrad has appeared on popular series like Castle, and Law & Order: SVU. Conrad has also appeared on The FirmThe great Wife, and CSI: Miami. His many notable role since Ghost Whisperer to be Ian Quinn on Agents the S.H.I.E.L.D., a duty that he freshly returned come in season 5.

Camryn Manheim portrays Delia financial institutions on Ghost Whisperer. Delia is a recently-widowed mom of a troubled teen. She meets Melinda Gordon as soon as her kid attempts come rob she antique shop. Delia at some point joins the main actors as an employee in Melinda"s antique shop.

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She additionally learns about Melinda"s psychic abilities, and although she is rather skeptical at first, they come to be best friends. Delia supports Melinda"s desire to aid lost spirits, and she remains crucial part the the actors for numerous seasons. Due to the fact that the end of Ghost Whisperer, Camryn Manheim has appeared on Harry"s LawCriminal Minds, and The Magicians. She likewise guest-starred together the villainous manage on Person the Interest.

4 Cristoph Sanders

Christoph Sanders stars together Ned Banks, Delia"s teenage son. The starts off together a rebellious teen with a penchant because that trouble and also shoplifting, but Ned grows up throughout the course of the series. He learns about Melinda"s capability by accident, however he later chooses to aid Melinda.

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Ned later on studies the occult in ~ Rockland University, and also he returns to help Melinda v his newfound expertise. Christoph Sanders replaced actor Tyler Patrick Jones as Ned financial institutions in season 3. Since Ghost Whisperer, he has appeared on CSI and also in the film In Time. However, his most prominent role to date is Kyle Anderson on the well-known sitcom Last guy Standing, wherein he plays middle daughter Mandy"s husband.

Jamie Kennedy illustrated Eli James because that two periods on Ghost Whisperer. Eli survived a near-death experience and also gained the capability to listen ghosts and spirits. However, that is can not to check out them. Eli later on befriends Melinda and also helps her overview spirits o the various other side. He also works together a part-time lecturer at Rockland University.

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After the conclusion of Ghost Whisperer, Jamie Kennedy appeared on mirrors like Kingdom and Lucifer. He additionally voiced several characters on fight animated series like The Cleveland Show and Star vs. The pressures of Evil. Kennedy is likewise scheduled to show up in 2019"s Ad Astra, a sci-fi movie directed by James Gray. He additionally appeared in Showtime"s Surviving the Wild and Nickelodeon"s Fanboy & Chum Chum.

2 Jay Mohr

Jay Mohr play Professor stack Payne because that two periods on Ghost Whisperer. The made his an initial appearance as a guest star in season 2. Rick Payne is a genius professor the occult research studies at Rockland University. He meets Melinda once she asks the for assistance with a dark spirit called Romano. Stack joins Melinda on countless adventures and also even helps save her life on occasion.

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Rick is one eccentric character, however he is a an essential part that Melinda"s life. Since Ghost Whisperer ended, Jay Mohr has appeared in numerous shows, including SuburgatoryLaw & Order: Criminal Intent, the recently-renewed sitcom American Housewife, and The Mick.

Aisha Tyler depicted lawyer Andrea Marino on Ghost Whisperer in season 1 and also early season 2. Andrea was among Melinda"s closestly friends and one that the an initial people to learn around her gift. She works in Melinda"s antique shop and likewise helps spirits and also ghosts overcome over. Andrea die in a plane crash at the finish of season 1, however she renders an figure in season 2. Aisha Tyler has showed up in many popular series since the finish of Ghost Whisperer.

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Her most prominent role has been Dr. Tara Lewis on Criminal Minds, although animation fans can be an ext familiar with her voice job-related as Lana on Archer or Sextina Aquafina on Bojack Horseman. She likewise hosted the rebirth of Whose heat Is the Anyway? on the CW.