(Last updated On: April 27, 2018)

What’s in a Name?

What do La Sainte-Flanelle, Les Canadiens, and Habs all have in common? castle are simply a couple of of the plenty of nicknames because that the Montreal Canadiens the the national Hockey League.

The Montreal Canadiens have been approximately a long time — a really lengthy time. In fact, they room the only present NHL hockey team to have actually been approximately before the league started in 1923. The team was established in 1909, and also have since won 24 Stanley Cups. But why does this team have actually so many nicknames and also where execute they come from?

Why are the Montreal Canadiens referred to as the Habs?

One of the most usual nicknames because that players and also fans that this NHL team is “the Habs.” This is short for “Les habitants” or “the habitants.” follow to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a habitant is “a settler or descendant the a settler the French origin working as a farmer in Canada.”

Habitant or Hab as a nickname for the Canadiens shows up to have its roots in a mistake made by Tex Rickard, former owner that Madison Square Garden in brand-new York. In a 1924 interview, he reportedly told a reporter that the “H” in the Canadiens’ logo stood because that “Habitants”.

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This, however, is not true. Regardless, the nickname caught on.

What about Their Logo?

So just what go the “H” stand for in the Canadiens’ logo? Hockey!

Both the logo and team name of the Canadiens has adjusted a lot due to the fact that their founding. When the team an initial came right into being in 1909, they were recognized as society Canadien. In 1912, the surname was changed to society Athlétique Canadien, and also was commonly referred to as CAC, which happened represented in their current logo in ~ the time.

In 1914, the team logo design shifted when more. The team to be still well-known as CAC, yet the A was little and located between the two Cs. By 1916, a finish name change was in order and the hockey team came to be the society de Hockey Canadien. The logo architecture featured a large C and also a small, inner C, together with an H situated in the middle of the logo.

The “H” has always stood for “hockey”, never “Habs”.

What various other Weird Nicknames execute the Canadiens go By?

While Habs has become the most famous nickname for Montreal Canadiens, it no the just one. This NHL team boasts a wide selection of monikers, some much much more common than others. A couple of well-known name include:

Le grand ClubLa Sainte-FlanelleLe bleu Blanc-RougeLe CHLes CanadiensLe TricoloreLes Glorieux

Some of this nicknames right well through the team and their history, while countless are fairly strange. For example, La Sainte-Flanelle method the divine flannel and also refers to the religious-like fandom that the team indigenous Montreal.

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This does beg the inquiry of why? Why space the Montreal Canadiens referred to as the Habs and also other monster nicknames?

Well, the brief answer is that they have actually been approximately a long time, and have been an extremely successful. The is not unusual for teams, specifically those that have long conquered a sports league, to acquire a number of nicknames transparent the years. Look in ~ the brand-new York Yankees the the MLB, for example, who are often contrasted to the Montreal Canadiens because of your equally storied history. Castle have numerous nicknames as well, prefer the Pinstripes, the angry Empire, the Bronx Bombers, the Bronx Zoo, etc.

In the context, having numerous nicknames no seem fairly so strange. Victory 24 Stanley Cups, and you can call yourself pretty much anything.