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February 26, 1966: "These Boots Are made for Walkin’" by Nancy Sinatra struggle No. 1 and also Inspired a Generation of independent Women

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February 26, 1966: "These Boots Are made for Walkin’" through Nancy Sinatra struggle No. 1 and also Inspired a Generation of elevation Women


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October 17, 2021


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On February 26, 1966, “These Boots Are produced Walkin’” by Nancy Sinatra struggle No. 1 ~ above the Billboard warm 100 chart. Sinatra’s signature song became a definitive part of 1960’s pop culture and an expression the the farming independence of women. In she Grammy-nominated song, a sharpshooting Sinatra provides it perfect clear that the brand-new go-go boots generation that women had swagger. Also, lock were prepared to start walkin’ if mistreated. A testimony to the timelessness that Sinatra’s classic song, it has been covered by a multitude the artists and also included in countless movie soundtracks. Meanwhile, the original music video clip for the memorable popular music hit has actually well over a 100 million views on YouTube.

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Sinatra to be on the brink of acquiring dropped indigenous her famed father candid Sinatra’s document label. Once she heard “These Boots Are produced Walkin’,” she was convinced that she found the hit solitary she needed. However, songwriter Lee Hazlewood walk not view it as “a girl’s song.” Sinatra described in a 2016 interview through Los Angeles Magazine, “I called him that coming from a male it was harsh and also abusive, yet was perfect for a tiny girl to sing.” also her father agreed. The told her, “The song about the boots is the best.”

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With its attractive bassline simulating the sound the boots walking, coupled with Sinatra’s assertive delivery, the song ended up being an instant success. Years later, Sinatra attributed she song’s appeal come both that is assertive message and also fashion: “Girls always want a pair that boots.” To promote the song, Sinatra videotaped a fashion-focused music video that now remains one enduring image of the Swinging 60s. Surrounded by a half dozen go-go dancers, Sinatra put on a an extremely short black color sparkly outfit, sheer black tights and black boots.

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She provocatively delivers she song, strutting and also dancing the Frug when accompanied through her backup dancers.

Sinatra let her boots perform the walking and talking at the dawn the the women’s liberation movement. End 50 years since its release, “These Boots Are made for Walkin’” proceeds to be a component of any independent woman’s soundtrack.