As the big-hitters in DC’s justice League and Marvel’s Avengers respectively, Superman and Thor are regularly the topic of debates in between fans concerning who would win if they to be to fight.

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Of course, the pair did involved blows in the JLA/Avengers crossover, however crossovers are hardly ever reliable in terms of their writing top quality (Wolverine win Lobo thanks to a pan vote in one, because that heaven’t sake) and they aren’t taken into consideration canon 99% of the time anyway.

Moreover, individual showings space rarely great for gauging character strength – otherwise Spider-Man would be more powerful 보다 Firelord, Black Panther would be an ext powerful 보다 the Silver Surfer and also a python would certainly be more powerful than the Hulk!

We desire to recognize who would win between Superman and Thor based upon consistent showings and also based ~ above a fight without any type of P.I.S. (plot-induced stupidity) i.e. In a fight in i m sorry both personalities were going all-out to loss the other – it’s the only means to decision who’s the most an effective once and also for all.

So, we’re walking to offer our quick input ~ above the matter (based top top the classic depictions of every character (those gift post-crisis Superman and 616 Thor), yet we also want to understand what girlfriend think. That’s the key here – we desire YOUR opinions about who wins this fight. By all means, read what we need to say, yet do comment v your own thoughts in the comments section below!



Strength-wise, Superman and also Thor are in the exact same ballpark.

DC’s Kryptonian hero used to be able to tow several planets earlier in the pre-crisis work – and he can still bench-press separation, personal, instance planets for days on finish in the New 52 timeline – but classically the is capable of moving and also cracking planets with great effort. He has held mini black holes in his hands, punched enemies into space and caught and also thrown moon-sized spaceships.

Marvel’s Asgardian hero has casually lifted the greatest mountain in his residence realm, he has actually punched so hard that he practically killed the Hulk himself in a physics altercation, he has opened a black color hole v the sheer influence of his punches alone and he do a adjacent moon crumble in the exact same way.

How deserve to you maybe separate that?

Winner: Tie.



Just choose with regards to their strength, the durability level of Superman and Thor are relatively similar.

Both personalities have made it through nuclear bombs going turn off in their direct proximity, both personalities have survived being inside a sunlight (of course, in Superman’s case, this have the right to actually amp him if it’s a yellow sun) and also both have casually shaken off bullets and also punches indigenous characters qualified of cracking planets.

Feats more unique to each character encompass Superman making it through the Source Wall exploding near him and also Thor absorbing a bomb that was supposed to erase every divinity indigenous the past, present and future.

It’s really tough to separation them top top this front.

Winner: Tie.



As far as speed is concered, it really is no contest. Superman is considerably quicker than Thor.

The Man of Steel has actually proven himself capable of travelling, reacting and thinking at light rate on numerous occasions – and he’s even presented himself qualified of thinking and reacting within a single nanosecond.

Thor, however, is nowhere close to that fast. He have the right to reach irradiate speed when he’s flying with space, however he hasn’t presented anywhere near that level the thought rate or reaction speed. That can certainly move much faster than bullets, but is normally known come max out somewhere in the high machs.

It’s really not a contest.

Winner: Superman.

Other Powers


Both Superman and Thor have actually a bunch of more complex powers 보다 the much more crude superhuman physical characteristics they own – and it’s nice close between them in terms of who has actually the ideal ones.

In the past, Superman has been well-known to traction powers the end of i do not have anything – but this to be mostly limited to the pre-crisis version and in the Christopher Reeve movie (turning earlier time? Memory-wiping kisses? Really?!?!) – but he has also possessed assorted powers in his an ext recent standard depictions. He has heat vision, frozen breath, x-ray vision and super-hearing – and that’s great, yet it pales in comparison come Thor.

Thor is incredibly versatile – i beg your pardon is thanks largely to his hammer Mjolnir. He have the right to teleport and travel between dimensions, he deserve to time travel, he can transmute matter, he deserve to manipulate the weather (summoning lightning, producing tornadoes etc) and he have the right to absorb and redirect energy. Mjolnir is additionally the source of Thor’s trip abilities.

There’s a clean winner here.

Winner: Thor.



Contrary to the ideas of a lot of people, neither Superman or Thor space anything close to invincible.

Superman is, however, the only one who has a very details weakness – that being Kryptonite. Kryptonite is the ore type of a radioactive facet from Superman’s house planet of Krypton and he is weakened by that radiation. That is also much more susceptible come magic than he is to most things – yet not come the extent that it’s an actual weakness, which part people believe it is (he doesn’t crumble in the existence of magic, by any kind of means).

Thor doesn’t have any specific weaknesses, yet he is breakable to many of the same develops of strikes that Superman is delicate to – presume said attacks are that a an effective enough level to hurt him.

Both Superman and also Thor have actually been beaten down in the crudest fashion possible, because that example, and also they have both proven prone to mind-control – although they have shrugged turn off mind-control attempts with sheer willpower if castle weren’t an effective enough as well.

All the being said, you have to offer this ring to Thor (though, again, we stress that Thor being a rather magical gift wouldn’t do Superman crumble in his mere presence and Superman’s Kryptonite weakness is the no usage to Thor in ~ all).Winner: Thor.


So who wins? Superman or Thor? Well, remember, we desire your opinions, yet we have actually ours too.

Thor could have won much more rounds, but we think Superman won the crucial round – speed.

If Superman offered his everything, he would be far, far, far too quick for Thor. It really is as simple as that. The different between someone that operates at light speed and also someone that operates between bullet time and the high machs is monumental. Essentially, based upon consistent speed showings, Superman should be able to punch Thor countless times in the head before a neuron has actually fired in his mind – and that would certainly knock that out.

Moreover, if Superman didn’t hit Thor the end immediately, if he used typical sense he might easily avoid any attacks Thor retaliated with using his speed.

As the saying goes, rate kills.

Winner: Superman.

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What perform you think? go Superman to win Thor based on his speed being the defining factor? Or execute you have actually other ideas? have actually your speak below.