Cinco de mayo made me think the margaritas. Margaritas made me think that Jose Cuervo which do me think of Shelly West"s hit song from 1983 through the exact same name. It to be such a fun, catchy tiny tune. That success brought increased sales because that Jose Cuervo Tequila, i beg your pardon brought much more success because that Shelly"s recording.

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Another of her songs ns really liked was "You"re the factor God do Oklahoma" - a duo with her brother-in-law, David Frizzell. The song was #1 ~ above the country charts in early on "81. The was supplied in Clint Eastwood"s movie "Any Which method You Can" in 1980.
As much as I chosen these two songs that Shelly"s, it was she mother, Dottie West, i was a genuine fan of. Dottie was among the at an early stage successful female country western artists along with her friend, Patsy Cline. (Another favourite the mine.)
In 1970, Dottie"s song, "Country Girl" was offered as the basis for a Coca-Cola commercial. In 1973, she wrote another commercial because that them: "Country Sunshine". Ns was life near and also working in the big city at the time, but since I considered myself a "country girl" i would always crank up the volume and sing along.
West had actually so many hits alone and also with duo partners. "Every Time 2 Fools Collide" with Kenny Rogers was among my favourites. I still mental hearing around her vehicle accident on august 30, 1991. At an initial it to be reported she wasn"t seriously hurt. As soon as I heard ~ above Sept 4 that she had died, ns couldn"t think it. Ns still love hear to she songs.

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But ago to Cinco de Mayo, which began this chain that thoughts: the fifth of might is not Mexico"s independence Day. It celebrate the victory of Mexican pressures over the French in ~ Puebla. Although France walk on to capture Mexico City and also install Maximilian as Emperor a year later, the hold-up kept the French indigenous lending support to the Confederates during our country"s polite War.
Cinco de Mayo has actually become much more popular together a job of solemn event in the U.S. End the years. It is generally a day of cultural celebration with emphasis on beverages, food and dancing. Later on today I plan to drink a margarita, eat some chips and also guacamole and listen come Dotty West - every in the soul of......
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