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Mrs. Claus additionally pops increase in the capital One advertisement as part of a recreation that the well known Pulp Fiction dance scene together she it s okay down through Travolta’s Santa to close out the ad.

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It’s appropriately collection to a lining Berry holiday song, the classic Run operation Rudolph. Berry’s friend Never have the right to Tell was provided in the Tarantino flick for that original movie scene including Pulp Fiction characters’ Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace.

However, it’s no Uma Thurman in the ad, which left some viewers disappointed resources One couldn’t obtain her right into the advertising too.

Viewers react to capital One ad, inquiry Mrs. Claus role

As one might expect, many individuals required to Twitter to provide their thoughts and feedback top top the new Capital One advertisement starring Travolta and also Jackson.

It to be a nostalgic minute for numerous viewers together it brought back memories of that Quentin Tarantino classic.

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Television journalist and also TV/radio organize Rich Eisen wants much more of this advertisements, and most likely, he’s not alone.

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There were numerous guesses offered as replies come the tweet above. They selection from big Bang concept actress Melissa Rauch to Maureen Mccormick of Brady Bunch fame to Julie Hagerty and Jane Curtain.

Some civilization are also asking top top Twitter if they gained Uma Thurman in that resources One commercial.

It’s no Uma, and many people agree the the casting decision would have really moved the ad’s expedition down movie storage lane.

Who is Dana Daurey, the actress that plays Mrs. Claus?

Actress Dana Daurey plays the duty of Mrs. Claus in the resources One commercial. She’s 44 year old and also was born in Los Angeles, California.

Among she career duties was a recurring part as Amber Moss top top the TV series Unhappily ever before After, a recurring role on the collection Providence as Heather Tupperman, and also lending she voice come multiple characters on Robot Chicken.

Daurey has likewise had functions on young Meets World, 7th Heaven, American horror Story, back to You, Hannah Montana, and 1997’s Baywatch, according to she IMDB profile.

She’s component of this year Stan the guy as Angelina and plays Susan on the TV series Coop and also Cami ask the World. Daurey will additionally appear in the role of Carrie Forrester because that the upcoming movie The Undertaker’s Wife.

Based on she Instagram bio, she at this time works as an audition coach come helps various other actors gain the work they want.

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Daurey mutual a screenshot and video clip to she Instagram Story of friend who gave her a scream out as they observed the commercial appear on television.


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