The 2003 adventure comedy Holes is an example of a publication adaptation done right. Based on the novel the the very same name, Holes got a Sierra compensation for ideal Family Film together with several various other award nominations — no to cite different production accolades. That stars Shia LaBeouf as Stanley Yelnats IV, whose household has to be cursed with bad luck ever because his great-great-grandfather fail to keep a promise to a mysterious fortune teller. Once Stanley it s okay wrongfully accused of steal autographed shoes, he"s sent out to a detention camp called Camp environment-friendly Lake together an alternative to jail.

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Eventually, Yelnats befriends his other prisoners, despite he gets many close to a quiet boy named Zero. As component of their punishment, the boys invest each job digging holes in the blazing heat, unknowingly searching for buried treasure. Sooner or later Zero has enough and runs off, and also Yelnats go after him — causing an adventure to not only survive, however discover the reality of Camp eco-friendly Lake. While LaBeouf earned praise for his role, for this reason did the teen who play Zero, whose genuine name is Khleo Thomas. It"s been over 15 years since Holes fight theaters, and here"s what cutting board looks choose today.

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Thomas has stayed busy since his time on Holes. He proceeds to act and has remained in dozens of projects, consisting of Roll Bounce (Mixed Mike), Hurricane Season (Raymond), and Soy Nero (Mohammed). He"s likewise ventured into video game streaming, and also has countless followers on his Twitch channel. Except his to chat career, Thomas started two lifestyle brands: Slick Living and Goddess Living amongst Men (GLAM). 

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Though cutting board is most remembered as the scheduled young teenager in Holes, he let HipHopDX recognize he"s perfectly okay with that. "It doesn"t bother me the it"s still therefore prominent and dominant," the explained. "It"s walking to continue to it is in a cultural type of thing, it"s quiet a required reading publication in the schools, and they clock the film after they read the book. No matter what, I"m relevant to every solitary generation that"s comes next. That"s a victory for me regardless. That"s just how I view it." cutting board went ~ above to add that he"s "never shied away" native his time play Zero, adding, "People thrived up with that character, and they instantly regarded that character. To understand that human being still organize it to ~ to your hearts today, lets me recognize that ns did my job then."

For fans who desire to relive the nostalgia of their favorite childhood movie, you have the right to watch Holes top top Disney+.