Throughout Two and also a half Men"s prolonged run starting in 2003, untamed ladies" man Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) dated an practically endless present of hotties, shown by the likes of Jenny McCarthy, Ming-Na Wen, Teri Hatcher, Denise Richards (Sheen"s real-life wife at the time), and more. But while numerous of Charlie"s "relationships" were memorable mainly for dysfunction and a specific flash-in-the-pan quality, he did it seems to be ~ to have something solid through Chelsea Melini, played by Jennifer Bini Taylor.

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Charlie and also Chelsea"s drama-spiked affair it is long from your engagement in season 6 v their last breakup in season 7. However the duration of their partnership isn"t the only reason it"s memorable. Viewers can"t forget, ~ all, the she"s the very first woman Charlie actually told he loved.

Why Chelsea? Certainly, she had actually plenty come offer: a quirky, snorty laugh; a forgiving nature; and also plenty that money, too. Taylor created an enduring character the fans wanted to see again and again. Yet even the most specialized among them may not psychic the other characters Taylor played on the show, long prior to Chelsea confirmed up ~ above the scene.

Taylor win gold through her recurring duty as Chelsea. But prior to that, she had actually a small part in the Two and also a fifty percent Men pilot as Suzanne, a personality Charlie and also Jake (Angus T. Jones) conference in the grocery store while to sing Charlie"s renowned Maple Loops jingle. Casually elegant in a red halter top, Suzanne wheels her cart over and also pauses for a moment.

"You two are really an excellent together. So, walk your mam sing, too?" she asks Charlie, clearly fishing. Once he tells her he"s no married, she gives a quick laugh, remarks, "Oh, what a shame," and also quickly moves on.

The short flirtation doesn"t lead to anything between Suzanne and also the show"s key character. However Taylor must have actually wowed the show"s producers. In season 2 she"s ago as Tina, among Charlie"s ex-girlfriends. Like Chelsea, Tina also experiences a "first" with Charlie. That tells her he"s i m really sorry for no calling for a year and a half, making she the first of his ex-girlfriends to obtain an apology.

"I was thoughtless and also insensitive and also I recognize I can never really make up for it, however I want you to recognize that ns was wrong and also I am yes, really truly sorry," that says, in what deserve to only be explained as a heartfelt tone.

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In season 5, Taylor dram Nina, a woman that briefly attractive Charlie"s interest as a potential one-night stand and believes the present he"s fed her (but conveniently leaves when the reality is revealed prior to the opened credits room over). And also in season 6, Taylor finally shows up in the role that will proceed through several episodes and critical storylines. As Chelsea, she makes an impression, records Charlie"s heart, and the remainder is history.