As Rudy Huxtable’s very first “boyfriend” Kenny (aka Bud) ~ above The Cosby Show, Deon Richmond played a small, but really memorable, function on the family sitcom. It’s tough to think that the lover young man we experienced on TV is currently 42 year old (yes, you and also I both are gaining old)! that is grown, continues to flourish and also is act well.

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After the show ended, he had the ability to segue into other famous TV series of the time, such as Hangin’ through Mr. Cooper and Sister, Sister.Even despite Richmond’s acting seemed to dwindle in much more recent years, he has landed a couple of roles that note. In 2006, he starred in the slasher flick Hatchet, i m sorry was collection in the bayou that Louisiana.

Richmond obtained his start in the entertainment business after graduating native Texas Christian university (TCU). Richmond started in experienced broadcasting together a key jockey and talk show host on KLIF and also KNUS-FM (Dallas, Texas). He also worked overnights and also mid-days at the Buffalo, new York radio terminal WKBW AM, a big-signal station covering the east Seaboard the the joined States, and also at various other high-profile stations.

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Returning to KLIF and also KNUS during the 1990s, Richmond organized a call-in program, Deon Richmond’s Hotline, whose controversial host and topics made that a constant target of death threats. He conducted a long-running on-air feud with an elderly woman (dubbed “Granny Hate” by an earlier host), who declared to stand for the regional Ku Klux Klan.

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Richmond likewise voiced a variety of national tv commercials, including those for Pennzoil and Public Storage.

One Richmond’s earliest duties was an figure in the music video for the 1985 Kool & the Gang song “Cherish”. In 1986, Richmond first appeared together Kenny top top The Cosby Show, in the episode “Theo’s Flight”; he would certainly go ~ above to appear on the display in 32 episodes, till the present ended in 1992. In 1987, Richmond played a young Eddie Murphy in the beginning scenes of the movie Eddie Murphy Raw, and additionally appeared in the film foe Territory as Chet.

Richmond showed up in the Kris Kross music video “Warm it Up” in 1992. He played the function of Darren Dixon in the 1993–94 sitcom acquiring By together Merlin Santana as his brother Marcus, they were actors as brothers due to their communication on The Cosby Show. In 1997, Richmond began a function as Tamera Campbell’s boyfriend, Jordan Bennett, on the 5th season that the hit series Sister, Sister. He became a regular actors member during the sixth and final season. In later years, Richmond appeared in movies such as Trippin’, shout 3, Not another Teen Movie, national Lampoon’s valve Wilder, and the independent horror film Hatchet.

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Richmond has twin daughters, Lilac and also Leone Richmond, born in 2009. Follow to lot of websites, in 2001 Richmond was diagnosed through colon cancer. He take it a leave of lack from exhilaration to undergo and also recover indigenous surgery and also chemotherapy and returned a month later. One year later, the colon cancer returned, and also Richmond temporary took another leave of absence to undergo and recover from surgical treatment on September 20, 2002. Again, the recovered within a month. In in march 2003, Richmond to be diagnosed with male chest cancer. That underwent surgery and also afterwards…

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