Between Home Improvement’s Tim "The device Man" Taylor and also Last man Standing’s Mike Baxter, Tim Allen has played two of America’s most beloved on-screen family members men. But you can not be familiar with the story of his real-life marriage to actress mrs Hajduk, who came into his life ~ what Tim has actually admitted were crucial years of personal growth.

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This is Tim’s 2nd marriage.

Tim married his college sweetheart, Laura Deibel, in 1984, and also the pair were together for 15 years before legally separating in 1999; their divorce was finalized 4 years later. Approximately that time, he told The Detroit News that he had actually been so focused on his career the he had “let family members slide”.

Following his separation, Tim began dating actress woman Hajduk, and the couple were together for 5 years before they married in 2006.


In one interview with Closer last year, Tim opened up up about the methods in which he had adjusted between his very first and 2nd marriages. Specifically, that admitted the entering rehab for alcohol abuse in 1998 had compelled him come reevaluate his priorities and also relationships. “I’m not the same guy I to be the very first time , as soon as I was hiding and doing what people who drink too lot do. Ns was no connecting,” he said. “But I’ve to be sober for virtually 20 years. I’m much an ext present.”

The pair had an intimate wedding.

Tim and also Jane tied the knot on October 7, 2006, in a very little outdoor consciousness in grand Lake, Colorado. Every People, the just guests were the couple’s family, consisting of Allen’s then-teenage daughter Katherine. 3 years after ~ the wedding, Jane provided birth come her and Tim’s an initial daughter, Elizabeth, that is now 9 years old.


The pair are co-stars and also spouses: jane has showed up in numerous of Tim’s movies, consisting of the 2006 superhero comedy Zoom, and the family members film The Shaggy Dog from the very same year.

Tim’s perspective to marital relationship is reflected in Last male Standing.

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The relationship in between Mike Baxter and his wife Vanessa is a cornerstone the Last man Standing and, together a producer ~ above the show and the star, Tim has actually a the majority of input into their dynamic. “I constantly thought they have to be one affectionate couple,” Tim told reporters at the Television doubters Association press tour this summer. “They’re not constantly at odds.”

Nancy Travis, his on-screen wife, added: “They room a pair that have actually been married because that a long time, and they elevated three exorbitant daughters and have a mutual respect, yet don’t necessarily constantly agree, and agree to disagree, and are two civilization that room making their means in center America.”


Tim is a doting father both on-screen and also off

“I to be gone so lot in my first marriage, ns love the moments when I interact with mine youngest daughter now,” Tim told Parade in a emotional 2011 interview. “It’s not my thing to sit top top the ground and play tea party, however I’ll do it because it’s a moment that will stick through me forever.”

As the dad of 2 daughters in real life, Tim has admitted the he feel a solid affinity v his Last male Standing character who has three of his own. “His whole vision is with his treasure, his girls," Tim called Closer. His on-screen mam in Home Improvement, Patricia Richardson, said the magazine: “Tim gets to totally be the loving father and husband he is, i beg your pardon is so actual in him. It’s what renders him for this reason lovable."

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