Nissan’s first go-round through Brie Larson ran right right into COVID once the brand mounted the actress together its new spokesperson in ~ the start of March, in a new ad project for the Sentra compact car. Yet Nissan stuck to Larson, and now the star the Captain Marvel is help her brand-new sponsor encourage its most essential product: the Rogue crossover, Nissan’s highest-volume nameplate.

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In fact, Nissan and also Larson have committed come each various other for the next pair of years, together the brand increases its launch cadence with the development of as countless as 10 brand-new models in the following 20 months.

“The key thing with any brand-building is to develop consistency,” Allyson Witherspoon, vice president and also chief marketing officer that Nissan U.S., called me. “We’re ~ above a course of massive change with these brand-new models. Building that story over time is a crucial objective for any brand, and the use of a consistent personality can assist tell the story. So we’ve entered a multi-year partnership through that extends v our long change and the launch of this products.”

Larson’s function actually extends past appearances in TV and also digital clues that frequently are cameos; in the brand-new spot because that the “Rogue gone Rogue” campaign, for example, ~ a family members is enjoy it a number of hair-raising adventures in their extremely capable brand-new Rogue, one kid suggests going come a movie together a break from the adrenalin rush, and also Larson traction up beside them at a stoplight and quips, “I’m always up for a an excellent movie.”

In fact, Nissan has enlisted Larson as much more of a holistic “brand ambassador,” undertaking tasks including creative consultation on advertising, helping straight some of the heralding spots, participating in dealer and employee events, and supporting the work of the Nissan structure around boosting “diversity and also inclusivity” in America.


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Selling more Rogues would be a good re-start for the Larson-Nissan partnership. Nissan aired the an initial ad starring Larson, a spot for the brand-new Sentra, right roughly the very same time the coronavirus was breaking the end in the joined States. If the timing couldn’t have actually been worse, and Nissan easily had to scramble the marketing and sales come account for the pandemic, the brand renewed the Sentra project featuring Larson in mid-June.

“And the did well for us,” Witherspoon said. “We had actually a breakthrough with effectiveness, and we overachieved in a the majority of our digital in steering digital web traffic to the brand.” Witherspoon attributed the success “first and foremost” to Sentra’s worth proposition however also detailed that consumer “felt the the creative” consisting of Larson “positioned Nissan in a very different way. They were excited and intrigued by that, and also it encouraged them to think about Nissan differently.

“There also was a optimistic association in between Brie Larson and the brand.”

Rogue is a an essential property for Nissan, by far its best-selling vehicle and also competing with two other Japanese-make utility vehicles — Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 — for best-selling condition in the classification in the U.S. Market. The 2021 Rogue is “a completely ground-up brand-new product for us, with brand-new sheet metal and also a lot of new technology,” Witherspoon said.

While Rogue isn’t especially meant because that off-roading, Nissan want to tap into Americans’ raising proclivity for outdoor adventure in their vehicles together demonstrated by, for instance, warm sales that the Jeep Wrangler and also the promise the a new Ford Bronco that’s based upon an off-roading proposition.

“The car is very dynamic,” Witherspoon said of the all-wheel-drive Rogue, “and so as soon as you think about its capabilities, the really deserve to go anywhere. The advertisement has the idea of the Rogue being almost untamable,” as its assorted driving and also suspension modes propel the family through a snowstorm in the mountains, right into a desert and also onto a beach.

“We choose the spirit of spontaneity and the motivated creative,” Witherspoon said. Rogue is “perfect because that a driver who have the right to handle any kind of kind the ride and also go in any type of direction and also take a tiny bit of the unknown path.”

To that end, Nissan likewise launched a partnership v Atlas Obscura, one online site for travel aficionados, for “Rogue Routes,” a “premier drive-in and livestream performance series” that will attribute “unexpected programing” in ~ off-the-beaten-path winter locales approximately the unified States, according to a Nissan press release. The contents will encompass TED-style talks and musical performances.

“It’s about creating distinctive experiences for Rogue,” Witherspoon said.

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