The latest commercial for the Nissan Rogue, featuring a runaway bride favouring a vehicle deal, stars actress Amanda Booth. What else has actually she been in, and also why haven’t audiences warmed come the ad?

Who is the Nissan runaway bride actress?

Born 1986 top top an military base in brand-new York, Amanda Booth is an American model and also actress. She oeuvre to day comprises, among other things, 13 commercials.

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Before featuring together Nissan Rogue’s runaway bride, Amanda Booth advertised Colgate, Corona, Clean & clean spot therapy gel, and Bud Light.


She likewise has several TV series and movie to she name, follow to IMDB. She credits encompass episodes that Maron (in which she played Nicole), ar (Danielle) and Hot In Cleveland (another Nicole). 

Booth showed up in three episodes of The Bold and The Beautiful, i m sorry ran from 2009 come 2011.

Is she married in genuine life?

Outside the civilization of the Nissan Rogue commercial, actress Amanda Booth recently commemorated her eighth wedding anniversary.

Addressing she husband Mike Quinones, v whom she share a son called Micah, she wrote: “The amount of words enabled in one article could never do justice for all that we have made that through”.

In 2016, Cosmopolitan published a item written by Booth about the procedure of offering birth come a baby with Down’s syndrome. In the piece, Booth describes and also reflects on the adaptations she and also her husband have had actually to make together a result.

Model Amanda Booth carries v her kid Micah Quinones while talk to the media after getting here for the 2016 an international Down Syndrome structure “Be Beautiful, it is in Yourself” fashion display at the Colorado Convention center in Denver, Colorado top top November 12, 2016.A night of advocacy, and empowerment, the occasion is the solitary largest fundraiser benefitting civilization with down syndrome in the world, having actually raised over $12 million come date. / AFP / Jason Connolly (Photo credit must read JASON CONNOLLY/AFP via Getty Images)

How Amanda Booth uses Instagram to tell she story

Booth uses Instagram to reach out to others raising young children with unique needs, and to tell she story.

One article states: “There’s a the majority of antiquated information about Down’s Syndrome the end there, and also people require to know the truth… ns trying to perform is make people aware, offer them a hand to walk with, a shoulder to borrow, and also clear eye to watch the possibilities of this life.”

Since she started publishing components of she family’s story on society media, the trio have actually featured together in number of campaigns. For example, they have actually advertised such brands as River Island, Tommy Hilfiger and also Amazon Fashion.

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Photo by Tom Cooper/Getty pictures for an international Down Syndrome Foundation

How have actually audiences reaction to Booth together the Nissan runaway bride actress?

Booth follows in the footsteps the Brie Larson, who Nissan enlisted because that its 2020 Rogue campaign.