Teresa Earnhardt is the third wife the NASCAR icon Dale Earnhardt and the mrs he was married to when he passed away suddenly at the Daytona 500 championship.

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While her claim to fame might be her marital relationship to among the legends of the racing circuit, she has parlayed her almost 20-year marriage into a lucrative career.

The north Carolina-born and raised beauty, beauty hails from her own racing family, too.

Find out an ext about the late, great Dale Earnhardt’s widow—the highs, the lows, and the history—right here.

The beginning Story

Teresa Houston to be born ~ above 29th October 1958, in Hickory, phibìc Carolina.

Teresa no the only big name to come out of Hickory, either.

Former NFL player Ozzie Clay, NASCAR driver Matt DiBenedetto, NASCAR champion Dale Jarrett, and also White Sox’s pitcher prick Marlowe all hail indigenous the Catawba county town.

Some that the most notable names to come out of Hickory are Tommy, Marty, and Andy Houston—current and former NASCAR drivers and relatives that Teresa’s.

Teresa is the daughter the Hal Houston, nephew of Tommy Houston, and also a very first cousin come Marty and Andy. The latter attended Bunker Hill High institution in Claremont, NC, v Teresa, that then relocated on to examine a degree in advertising art and interior design.

In the so late 1970s, when Teresa was still studying design, she met NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt in ~ a race event.

The pair immediately hit the off, and also the freshly divorced (for a second time) Dale proposed come Teresa in 1981.

They bound the node on 14th November 1982, when Teresa to be 24 and Dale to be 31.

Teresa and also her brand-new husband relocated to Mooresville, north Carolina, wherein the NASCAR great purchased a 300-acre farm.

Teresa, that was heavily pregnant during the relocation, offered birth to the newly-weds’ only child, Taylor Nicole, ~ above the 20th the December, 1988.


Getty ImagesTeresa didn’t remarry after Dale Earnhardt happen away.

Also, there is no information regarding Teresa’s existing romantic relationship.

Teresa Earnhardt – net Worth

Teresa earned many of her wealth from serving as the president and also Chief executive, management Officer that Dale Earnhardt, Inc.

Therefore, Teresa Earnhardt has an approximated net worth of $55 million.

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