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For over two decades, Sharon Case has illustrated the above “Young and also the Restless” heroine Sharon Newman. The character has experienced lot of of heartache, most of the stemming from she love life. Currently, the character encounters herself in a tough predicament as she chooses between two men.

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While her soap personality is facing another dilemma in her romantic life, Case’s personal life is heating up. Due to the fact that 2019, the 50-year-old actress has remained in a connection with co-star and on-screen love interest note Grossman. The couple’s off-screen connection is often the talk of the soap opera community, and a recent picture sparked speculation around the pair’s future.

‘Young and also The Restless’ Star Melissa Claire EganExpecting an initial Child

Upon debuting ~ above “The Young and also the Restless,” Grossman won over fans, and also his leading lady’s heart. Viewers took notice of Mark and also Sharon’s undeniable chemistry on-screen. Soon later on Mark and Sharon to be spotted hanging out with each other away native the set, causing speculation the two were an item.

Grossman sent the hearts of Y&R fans fluttering in September 2019 when he post an Instagram video of him and Case dancing. The two looked adoringly into each other’s eyes as they slow danced. Grossman revved increase speculation about his and Case’s partnership status as soon as he revealed the run wasn’t component of any upcoming scenes.

Although, the couple kept their connection private, pan concluded they to be dating many thanks to Instagram photos. Situation shared image of her and also Grossman celebrating their birthdays together along with their trips come Hawaii and Wyoming. V the pair nearing their two-year anniversary, instance decided it was time to check their relationship.

During one interview through Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling because that the “90210MG” podcast, instance opened up around her Mark. Situation revealed that when the display restarted production complying with the coronavirus pandemic, she told she bosses around their relationship. “I mean, we’ve never talked about it so bluntly, but I assumption: v the factor why we lastly mentioned it come the studio is just so that us wouldn’t have to distance in situation the display wanted to write united state in scenes together,” the Daytime Emmy winner explained.

Case and also Grossman’s relationship is once again developing a stir. Rumors space circulating the the pair is engaged based on a recent Instagram photo. In the picture posted Case’s co-star Melissa Ordway, a few of the show’s actresses gathered come celebrate the anniversary of production coordinator Laura Walsh.

The females were every smiles as they feasted on pizza and wine. Instance was decked the end in jeans and also a black tank top for the occasion. But it’s the diamond sparkler on her left hand. The comment ar was fill with questions on whether Sharon and also Mark to be engaged.

So much there’s been no check from instance or Grossman about an engagement. Provided how private they are, it’s no surprised if they want to save this quiet. While pan await news about Case and also Grossman’s real-life relationship, they have something rather to look front to.

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The couple’s Y&R personalities Adam and also Sharon might be headed because that a romantic reunion. Adam and also Sharon or Shadam as they’re referred to as by fans is among “The Young and also the Restless” controversial couples. Although your chemistry is turn off the charts, numerous fans are separation on a reunion in between the pair as result of Adam’s past misdeeds. In spite of the controversy, the show continues to tease a possible pairing, which could come sooner quite than later.

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