Long live the 50

According to our friends at the U.S. Currency Education program, the $50 bill has actually the 2nd longest lifespan the end of all the USD denominations; a jogger up to the $100.

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Capitol surprises


The united state dollar wake up to have actually a an extremely interesting Easter egg on it. Once you flip it over, you’ll notice the us Capitol Building, which to anyone not analysis this write-up might seem to be a standard item of arts for our country’s currency.

However, few know the Capitol building happens to have a monument that Ulysses S. Approve at the base of Capitol Hill. Which, if girlfriend stand whereby this monument is located, you can get a perfect check out of the Capitol structure that is identical to the photo on the ago of the $50.

Most high value currency

Here us introduce another superlative for our us currency. Whereby the us $20 won most counterfeited, the united state $50 wins the many expensive currency. By this we average it’s the many expensive currency to create; costing 19.4 cents to have actually it made. Meanwhile, the $100 only expenses 15.5 cent per note. Go figure!

Granted the honor

Ulysses S. Provide wasn’t the portrait ~ above the $50 until 1914. Prior to this, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Henry Clay, and also Benjamin Franklin all graced the front of the us 50 at some allude throughout that existence.

The $50 keep in mind has changed 4 times end the last 105 years. Visit the $50 denominations web page to view the design changes: https://t.co/trYR2MoT91 #uscurrency pic.twitter.com/46QYbrXyCi

— U.S. Currency (
uscurrency) august 22, 2019

Least most likely to it is in printed

Yet an additional superlative deserve to be awarded to this banknote together it happens to it is in the the very least printed currency out that all 6 denominations (aside native the rarely $2 bill). This may have actually something to execute with the truth that the the most expensive to produce.

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