Mario and Peach have always been the premiere couple of the Mushroom Kingdom, but Luigi and Daisy have been building a relationship in the background.

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Mario and Peach have always been the premiere couple of the Mushroom Kingdom. Nintendo’s unflappable plumber has been rescuing the princess from Bowser’s clutches for over 30 years now, so it’s only natural to think of them as such.

But Mario’s younger brother, Luigi, and Peach’s best friend, Daisy, have also been quietly cultivating a romance in the background. And while the folks at Nintendo haven’t spent much time on them, as they focus more heavily on gameplay than story, Luigi and Daisy have been accepted as a canonical couple for quite some time now. But what exactly do we know about their relationship?

Over the years, Nintendo"s offered only mere glimpses into Luigi and Daisy’s relationship that some players may not have noticed. So here are 15 revelations about the second most famous couple in the Mushroom Kingdom.


15 Daisy Met Mario First

Younger players may not have had the chance to play Super Mario Land, a title that debuted on the original Game Boy in 1989. Which means they may have missed Daisy’s first ever appearance.

Nintendo wanted to release a game that was similar to Super Mario Bros., but on a smaller scale and in a different world. Therefore, Sarasaland and its Princess Daisy were introduced.


14 Their First Appearance Together Wasn"t Romantic

Daisy’s second appearance, and her first alongside Luigi, was in NES Open Tournament Golf in 1991, but this first meeting was anything but romantic.

Daisy is only briefly in the game as Luigi’s caddy. She would go on to be a playable character in the majority of Mario’s sports spin-offs, but she wouldn’t appear in another game until 9 years later.


13 The First Mention Of Romance

The first in-game mention of a romance between Luigi and Daisy was a game that she didn’t really appear in.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee, players could collect trophies of characters from Nintendo’s franchises, each which came with a description. For Princess Daisy, it states, "After her appearance in Mario Golf, some gossips started portraying her as Luigi"s answer to Mario"s Peach."

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When games used to include manuals, they featured helpful gameplay hints as well as information about the plot or characters in the game. The manuals for Mario Party 4 and 5 hinted at the blossoming relationship between the two.

Both games only mention it as a rumor, however, and it would be some time before the two were confirmed as a couple.


11 Waluigi Has A Crush On Daisy

Funnily enough, the manual for Mario Party 4 also states that Waluigi has a crush on Daisy. However, Daisy couldn’t be less interested in him.

While Nintendo"s never given a real reason for Waluigi’s existence, with this information it’s easy to see why Waluigi would crave a rivalry with Luigi.

2000’s Mario Tennis on the N64 marked Daisy’s first appearance since NES Open Tournament Golf. And she wasn’t put back in because fans were clamoring to see her again. Rather, she was put in because Nintendo felt they should have more human characters.

But with her reappearance, and with more sports titles, it helped form her future relationship with Luigi.


9 Things Are Different In The Manga

Nintendo have seen many of their beloved franchises receive manga adaptations, from The Legend of Zelda to Splatoon. Though these couldn’t quite be considered canonical, even Mario has seen some adventures in the format.

And in the manga, Daisy has a crush on Mario instead of Luigi. It has even led to a rivalry with Peach.

Mario Kart Wii offered one of the most definitive examples of Daisy and Luigi’s romance for the first time. On the Daisy Circuit track, there is a giant statue of Luigi and Daisy hand-in-hand that players race by.

What’s even cuter than that is the statue behind it: another of the two as babies.


7 Special Team Names

In some Mario Party titles, you can pair different characters together and receive different team names. Having Luigi team up with Daisy offers nice hints towards their romance before it would be confirmed.

In Mario Party 5 and 6, they’re called “Steady Sweeties.” However, if Daisy is teamed up with Waluigi, they’re called “Awkward Date.”

It should surprise no one who has played a Mario game to learn that Luigi can be rather timid. But fans got see how shy he could be during a Nintendo World Store event in 2013.

Fans could talk to Mario & Luigi via live video chat and whenever he spoke of Daisy, Luigi would start to blush.


5 Opposites Attract

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The rule that opposites attract is a rule for a reason. While Daisy has always been known to be more of a tomboy compared to the elegant Peach, this is exactly why Luigi likes her.

It makes sense, given his easily-frightened persona. Daisy’s trophy description in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U states this is what he likes about her.

Square Enix’s Monopoly-esque Fortune Street on the Wii, while not developed by Nintendo, did offer interesting characterization when it comes to Luigi and Daisy.

In this game, Luigi tries hard to impress her if Daisy is playing. He thinks she’ll be impressed if he owns a few more stores. And if she’s winning, he tells her she’s an “inspiration to us all.”


3 Daisy Knows She Can Manipulate Luigi

Daisy, on the other hand, knows the power she holds over Luigi. If he’s close to winning in Fortune Street, she’ll try to manipulate him by saying, "Oh, Luigi! You sure you don"t want to let ME win? Hmph! After all we"ve been through together!”

And if she needs him to trade shops with her, she’ll tell him he’s the only one she can trust.

How these two feel about each other has only been represented in small moments. Daisy’s concern for Luigi’s well-being was seen in such a moment in Mario Tennis Aces.

After disappearing with Wario and Waluigi, Daisy confronts a Toad and pressure him to give up secret information. It’s a nice, small way of showing how strong her feelings are.


1 Their Relationship Spawned From The Live-Action Movie

As terrible as it is (and trust me, it is), the live-action Super Mario Bros.

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movie from 1993 is where Luigi and Daisy’s relationship began. Though she had only been in two games, Daisy was included instead of Peach and it was Luigi who fell for her as Mario was given a girlfriend in the movie.

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