It looks like on the 4 year anniversary that the john Doe Roblox rumour, people are questioning if man Doe is real and also if hell be hacking her account on march 18. We’ve got whatever you need to know around how the rumour started, that John Doe in reality is, and also if your Roblox account is at hazard of being hacked on march 18. 

Roblox has end up being one the the best online platform gamings around, back the game was an initial released in 2006, that has obtained a substantial following in more recent years. Girlfriend can examine out the official 2020 trailer because that Roblox in the video below.

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What Is Roblox?

Roblox is an digital platform game that was very first released because that PC back in 2006, iOS in 2012, Android in 2014, and Xbox One in 2015. The game enables players come create almost whatever they desire, or if you don’t desire to produce your own games, you can play other user-created content. Roblox first discovered success in 2010 and also has been reignited as result of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic i beg your pardon meant numerous people roughly the world have been required to continue to be at home.

The famous game is free-to-play yet does have in-game purchases i beg your pardon are available through the virtual money known together “Robux”. Follow to the Roblox wikipedia, together of august 2020, Roblox had actually over 164 million monthly energetic users. Plenty of of the gamings users space aged under 16 in the united States.

Who Is john Doe?

If she curious as to who john Doe actually is, this is the answer.

When the video game was very first launched ago in 2006, the developers produced an account under the name of John Doe. The objective of this account to be so that they could communicate with football player on the game, due to the short amount of players at the moment they felt that it was essential there to be someone the football player could communicate with. This is the beginning of john Doe, and the account was gradually phased out together the video game became much more and more popular together the developer felt there was a large enough player base that man Doe to be no much longer necessary.

Unfortunately, in 2017, details YouTubers such as Kazok began a rumour claiming man Doe would certainly be hacking Roblox accounts. Now as the the four year anniversary that the rumour, tiktok videos have begun circulating claiming that March 18, 2021 will watch the return of man Doe and also that he will in fact hack her Roblox account.

Will Roblox accounts Be Hacked On march 18?

So, is your Roblox account at threat of gift hacked today? (March 18) The answer is simple, no.

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As explained above, john Doe is one account developed by the developers that is no longer in use. The rumour was began by YouTubers to acquire subscribers and also is nothing more than a hoax.