Back in ~ it! Jill Wagner is pregnant with her 2nd child one year after providing birth to her daughter, Army, Us Weekly confirms.

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“I couldn’t be an ext happy come announce to you all that I’m going come have one more baby ! (Yes , I understand I just had actually one),” the Hallmark Channel star, 42, captioned she Friday, April 2, Instagram reveal. “God has blessed David and I with an additional bundle that joy and also we room overwhelmed v love.”


Jill Wagner and David Lemanowicz Melissa Hill

Wagner, who is early out in August, married David Lemanowicz in April 2017, one year after your engagement. In ~ the time, the phibìc Carolina native ended up being a stepmom to the hockey player’s daughter, Lija, 11, whom the athlete, 45, welcomed v his ex-wife, Gina.

In November 2019, the actress announced that she to be pregnant through their an initial child together. “I to be so happy to officially and finally tell the people that David
urban_cimo and I are expecting !!” she captioned her Instagram reveal. “This wasn’t simple road and also through a the majority of prayer this small one uncovered the way to us. I have actually never been a super maternal woman, yet I feel changes happening currently just in this brief amount that time. To every the mothers out there, i am honored to be a part of her team.”


Jill Wagner and also David Lemanowicz Melissa Hill

The former Wipeout organize shared the little one’s sex 2 months later with pink Krispy Kreme doughnuts. “Thank you to my exorbitant friends who planned our disclose party in Tenn and also our infant shower in Los Angeles!” she captioned an Instagram slideshow in January 2020. “Also, thank you to every one of our friends and also family who might surrounded us v love! This time in my life is so priceless to me and I couldn’t have more gratitude for every the blessing I have actually been given.”

Wagner walk on to celebrate an additional baby shower head at she “second home” in Vancouver, Canada.

The Teen Wolf alum offered birth to daughter army in April 2020. “Here is my heart,” the new mom captioned her infant girl’s debut at the time. “My life is lastly complete.”

The small one celebrated her 1st birthday at an early stage in March. “A pair of days back we threw Army an early birthday with some of her family members as ns knew we would certainly be in quarantine for her actual bday,” Wagner captioned party pics last month. “Thank you to my family members who come in from phibìc Carolina to have actually a little cake and also celebrate my tiny bubble.”

In the society media upload, military ate a rainbow cake with her fingers and touched her balloons. She likewise posed for photos with household members if wearing only a diaper and cake frosting.

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