We have huge respect for the brave souls who contend on Survivor, yet let"s face it, the CBS fight reality series would be nothing there is no its host, Jeff Probst. For 40 seasons, the guy has been snuffing contestants" torches and hilariously belittling them throughout challenges—always pull on in part variation of the exact same button-down shirt—and we wouldn"t have actually it any kind of other way.

But the polished organize who grills human being at defect Council has one more side come him. He"s also a family man who"s to be married to wife Lisa Ann Russell, a former model and also actress, since 2011. Together, they"ve developed a blended family members with Russell"s ex-husband and also their 2 kids.

Here"s what come know about Jeff Probst"s wife, Lisa Ann Russell.

Jeff Probst and Lisa Ann Russell gained married top top Dec. 5, 2011.

A spokesperson because that the pair told People they bound the knot in a small ceremony at a exclusive residence in Los Angeles. At the time, Probst was 50 and also Russell was 40.

It to be a second marriage because that both of them; Probst"s an initial wife was a psychotherapist called Shelly Wright, whom that wed in 1996 and divorced in 2001, the year after Survivor debuted. Russell was formerly married to Mark-Paul Gosselaar—yes, the Saved by the Bell fame. They had two kids together, Michael and also Ava.

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In 2012, he talked to Larry King on Hulu"s Larry King currently about splitting custody v Gosselaar.

"They were together virtually 20 years," Probst said of Russell and Gosselaar, follow to E!. "They had a long marriage and they increased these two young kids. They elevated them with the sort of love that—the children they check out me, and he"s currently remarried, his wife—they just see us as two much more parents." (Gosselaar married Catriona McGinn in 2012.)

Probst doesn"t have kids of his own, yet it sounds favor he"s tight through Russell"s—in fact, castle even call him "dad." It was something they started experimenting with before Probst and also Russell gained married.

"They to be playing v it," Probst said King. "Sometimes it"d it is in dad, occasionally it"d be Jeff, dad two, occasionally it"d be D-2. However when we gained married, when this ring go on mine finger, Michael looked up and also said, "dad," and I could tell the he knew now that this big thing was official and it was real."

As a guest ~ above Rachael Ray, Probst referred to Michael and Ava together his kids. The elaborated through saying: "We"re a blended family, so they room technically—not technically, they room my stepkids—I think that them together mine, which is crazy, however then they have actually this other family...but I always have come remember they have a dad."


Jeff Probst when joked about voting Lisa Ann Russell off Survivor.

Just before Survivor: Blood vs. Water premiered in 2013, Probst was asked by Entertainment Weekly if he"d vote his wife off the show, if they to be playing with each other as a married couple. (That specific season that Survivor featured bag of family members members play together.)

“It counts on the situation,” he said, "but absolutely."

He stated he would certainly do it if the two of them make it come the final four, and also voting her out expected guaranteeing another vote in his donate from the jury.

“I would definitely put among us on the jury come ensure one vote,” Probst said. “Because I’m 20 percent that the means there already!”

He continued, “What ns would do if it to be my wife and also I down to the final four is we would certainly both it is in assessing every scenario and also we would, ns think, probably come to an commitment that either offered the jury you will certainly be better at swaying them, or I will certainly be.”


Did Lisa Ann Russell want Jeff Probst to quit Survivor?

For a second, that seemed prefer Probst"s visibility on the show could be at risk. Ago in 2017, a report indigenous Radar Online alleged the Probst"s wife, Lisa Ann Russell, want him to quit the show and spend an ext time at home. (Filming Survivor method being on ar in a remote corner of the world for 4 months the end of the year.)

"Jeff loves his stunner job and the really peaceful house life the goes home to when he’s no shooting, however his mam Lisa wants him house permanently," an cotton "insider" called the outlet in ~ the time.

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But organize the phone! The adhering to year, in a GQ interview, Probst mentioned that actually, the spends a great amount the time in ~ home.

"The best misconception is the I"m gone all the time," the said. "And that"s due to the fact that Survivor is on nearly all year round but we shoot the present in really concentrated periods. Every season shoots because that 39 days. If you"re over there a mainly early, it"s prefer 7-8 weeks for each shoot. So over the summer, I"m gone almost four months. Yet that"s it. Then I"m home."

What"s more, various other evidence argues Russell"s household is down with Probst"s globetrotting ways. In that Rachael Ray interview, Probst talked about how lot fun Russell"s youngsters have had on place with him.

"They love Survivor," that said. "Kids love Survivor because it"s this adventure. That"s what I view in them once they"re ~ above location."