Sonic versus The Flash: who Would Win? The flash & Sonic the Hedgehog space two top speedsters. Right here is that would success in a fight or a race.

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The Flash versus Sonic the Hedgehog is a battle that"s been disputed constantly throughout both fanbases and also can occasionally reach son ogong versus Superman levels of debate. ~ above the one side, there are the fastest males in every one of DC. Even if it is it"s Barry Allen or Wally West, that is vital to recognize that they are both absolutely the more quickly in their universe. If Sonic the Hedgehog is the faster being alive in his universe and is qualified of points that would certainly make other speedsters blush through jealousy.

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For the services of comparison, the will use Barry Allen Flash together he is the many recognizable. Meanwhile, this will additionally use video clip game Sonic together Archie Comics"s variation of Sonic is absolutely absurd with what that is fully capable of.

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the fastest personalities in all of fiction and every one of that was the an outcome of his own herbal speed. No issue which variation of the Blue Blur the is, Sonic the Hedgehog is fully capable that outpacing everyone and also anyone for the many part.

This has remained true in his video games in particular, which have been declared that that gets faster with each and every entry. It seems prefer his speed is distinct as no one else is yes, really able to record up with him uneven they"re shadow the Hedgehog or a robotic duplicate.

Barry Allen is the 2nd Flash in the pantheon and also he is rather spectacular as a speedster. Completely capable that outpacing a selection of heroes such as all versions of Superman and really only being surpassed by his successor Wally West, all of this was many thanks to the speed Force.

What provides him unique contrasted to the rather though is the Barry Allen self generates that which allows him to perform some things that various other speedsters cannot. Back his successor is an ext connected indigenous a spiritual standpoint, Barry Allen has actually just sufficient experience come pull it off.

The Chaos Emeralds are the top items the Sonic the Hedgehog obtains within each level. They room superempowered emeralds that permit Sonic the Hedgehog come do tons of abilities.

Although the isn"t as skilled with several of it such together Shadow the Hedgehog is, and also he doesn"t always have it in his disposal, that does have sufficient knowledge to use them to execute things choose Chaos regulate or turn into his Super kind which permits him come go also faster and is much stronger.

7 The Flash: Time Travel

although speedsters like Sonic or The speed are known for your time travel endeavors in ~ times, nobody has ever before done it quite choose Barry Allen.

Infamously a meme in ~ this point, Barry Allen had done the iconic time travel point of producing the Flashpoint Paradox i m sorry effectively produced a whole new timeline/earth. The fact that Barry Allen is qualified of doing this can develop incredibly attention ripple effects on his enemies.

throughout every video game in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, there have actually been a variety of cases where the character has actually used power-ups throughout his quest comparable to his Nintendo rival, Mario.

Things such as the Wisps native Sonic Colors wherein he is capable of doing augmentations such as boosting his own physical qualities including his speed. This goes as much as the variety of shields he have the right to use, favor the aqua bubble which allows him to breathe underwater.

5 The Flash: Molecule Vibration

As beneficial as these power-ups are, it deserve to only occupational if Sonic has a way to beat the end Flash"s phasing ability. By relocating his molecule at at sight speed, The flash is capable of phasing v objects.

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By extension, this means he is may be to step through enemy punches and can also phase v objects v a multitude the buildings. That can likewise use phasing in an offensive manner as he can physically go with enemies but it isn"t something the he is the most comfortable doing.

Although the doesn"t use it very often, Sonic the Hedgehog is an remarkable hand come hand combatant, capable of fighting against loads the enemies. Not just by utilizing the use of his speed, that is able to beat out characters such together Emeryl who is a understand combatant.

What"s more, that is a grasp of Lin Shao Kung Fu and was completely capable that surpassing also that. In comparison, The speed has always been much more of a brawler who offers his speed to his benefit which can not fully work against someone prefer Sonic the Hedgehog.

3 The Flash: deserve to Break through Dimensional Barriers

The Flash"s speed is incredible and if he is willing to reduced loose, is fully capable of break through an ext than just the sound barrier. The flash is completely capable that breaking v a selection of obstacles from light to the aforementioned time barrier.

However, if the flash goes every the way, the is totally capable of breaking v the speed Force barrier which is past anything Sonic the Hedgehog is ever before able come cross that was just able come break through the time obstacle at most. His rate is so good that that is capable of traveling to various realities.

The trumped card that Sonic the Hedgehog often employs against his last bosses, at least in the modern era, is that he"s able come transform into a selection of various forms thanks to an external means, whether the is supervisor Sonic or even Hyper Sonic v the super Emeralds.

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But external of those forms, that is able to use things prefer Dark Spine Sonic and also Excalibur Sonic form. All of which were extremely powerful or versatile creates that are completely capable the doing lots of damage. The downside is the time limit that it may have.

1 The Flash: Speed Mind

most likely Barry Allen"s biggest asset is his rate mind ability. Introduced during the brand-new 52 era the DC Comics, this allows Barry Allen come straight-up calculate any possibility imaginable as well as bring him closer come the rate Force. Without the in mind, Barry Allen is qualified of thinking within less than one Attosecond which is absurd.

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But with speed Mind, that is completely capable of dragging anyone in ~ the Speed pressure which mentioned before is something the Barry himself generates v every step he takes, in order to theoretically maintaining someone over there forever.

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