True Blood: Wait, that Did Sookie finish Up Marrying? regardless of being stuck in a love triangle for most of the series, Sookie didn"t end up marrying invoice or Eric at the end of True Blood.

among the reasons why everything in the beforehand 2010s to be so heavy in the vampire heat was because of the massively popular True Blood series. Based upon The southern Vampire Mysteries books by Charlaine Harris, the HBO television collection served together an allegory because that otherness and also social prejudices as it chronicled the vampire populations" struggle with same rights. However, lot of the series revolved around Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic part-fae waitress, and also her many love triangles. Although no as huge as other love triangle of the time, the guess of who Sookie will select became a major theme of the series as she went ago and forth in between vampire gentlemen bill Compton and also former Viking Eric Northman. However, in the end, fans to be left completely disappointed when neither got the girl.

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Despite the buildup given to Sookie and also her partners, including the werewolf Alcide, she ended the collection pregnant and married to an unnamed personality who never ever showed his face. The finale season of True Blood has actually remained the the very least favorite among fans for countless reasons but it was the finish of the triangle the really struck them in the heart. Bill and Alcide finish the series dead and Eric ends off practically exactly wherein he started, while Sookie ends up married to a consistent human. So, who was her mysterious husband?

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He was nobody and that to be the point. Showrunner Brian Buckner reported the the character was intended to it is in an everyman whose identity was irrelevant. The very very same thought walk into casting him. The man who played Mr. Sookie Stackhouse, that fans likewise refer to together Mr. Faceless beard Guy, was played by actor and also stunt performer Timothy Eulich. Buckner cited Eulich"s physique as the reason for casting him, they required the “the guy with the finest arms from our stunt crew" to play the guy who won Sookie"s heart.

The finale wasn"t in reality the first time Eulich appeared in the series. The shot number of stunt scene in Season 3 and 4 before serving as a body double for Michael McMillian"s personality Steve Newlin in later seasons. However, the many notable scene featuring Eulich to be a struggle sequence v Alexander Skarsgård"s character Eric Northman in Season 2, wherein he played a character named Rich who came to be saved by Sookie once Eric to be moments far from death him. ~ the finale, in an interview with Vulture, Eulich joked that it may have been well-off that ended up with Sookie, though the idea continues to be a concept at best.

However, as nice together it would be to offer him a name, it"s nice clear that he"s expected to remain faceless. His duty was nearly symbolic, the existence of normality and also peace ~ so plenty of years the death. Much of True Blood Season 7 was around healing from the chaos that took end the earlier seasons. Characters got closure and also Sookie had to do a an option about herself, and also in a twist, she chooses to live a typical life while also preserving the really thing the made she abnormal in the an initial place -- she fairy powers. It was a balancing plot of both worlds that showed you don"t have to remove something native yourself to live happily.

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At the time the series ended, it felt favor a cop-out. However, top top revisitation of the series, it to be the just logical solution for both Sookie and fans. If she picked one of the three accessible to her, the series would forever it is in judged for that choice as Eric fans, bill fans, Alcide fans and others would invest years complaining about how they were wronged, simply as pan of The Vampire Diaries, Twilight, How i Met her Mother and to a lesser extent Buffy, have been act for much too long. The author of the publications was met with this kind of fan rage once she paired Sookie off with Sam at the end of the novels. In the end, Mr. Faceless wasn"t the safe choice but the best choice.